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We are not physical beings trying to be spiritual, we are already magnificent beings of spirit, choosing to play around with the experience of being in physical form. Experience life fully. Embrace all of life. Allow it to flow through you and manifest however it needs, no matter how unconventional that may appear.

Life, energy, force, power: they are the same thing. The sensation of life flowing is sometimes alarming when you are not used to it, and most of us have been used to quelling it in an effort to appear adult and rational. Start allowing it now. Let your true self shine. Scream, cry, shout, paint, dance, run, sit, look, be still: be who you are called to be, be who you really are. We are human beings, not human doings. All doing must arise first out of being. Don’t just do something, sit there. A lot of running around doing is about running away from yourself.

Trust. Trust that all is well. Step back into a broader perspective of life, so that you see the longterm. Everything changes, and that’s fine. Embrace change. If things don’t go the way you thought they should, be pleased that you are offered new opportunities. Move beyond your old limited thinking. Our potential is unlimited.

Know that you are guided. Allow that guidance to come through your heart and your intuition, not via your rational brain, which cannot compute truly deep knowing. Wisdom is a physical sensation. Cultivate awareness of that sensation of right and wrong that you feel in your gut or in your heart or perhaps in your throat.

Most of us have old emotions from the past that we are trying to control, and keep hidden. It is always a great relief to let them flow, and when you do that, they pass quite quickly. To allow the flow, you must be honest, first and foremost with yourself. That requires courage. Be courageous, just because there is nothing more important.

Once you no longer have a backlog of emotions to deal with, you will find that all feelings are a very useful source of information. Investigate further when something brings up joy. Go the other way when you feel dread.

Make a commitment to living in joy; make it fully, with no qualifications. Spend time with animals and plants—they know about joy, and accept you as you are. Be like them. Move on from judgments of others, and accept what is, instead of trying to change it. You will be amazed how things change and improve of their own accord when you do that.

Love your body. It wants to please you, and it is your partner for this life. Learn to play. Love everything and everyone, even when you have to walk away. Love with all your heart and soul. And as that love flows through your body, let it move you to do and be whatever is required of you.

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Mikaya Heart is an author and a coach in the art of being fully alive. Her memoir, My Sweet Wild Dance, was described as soul-refreshment of the highest order, and won a Golden Crown Literary Award. Her latest book is The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. She uses shamanic methods to help people access the vastness of being, enabling us to identify and exercise choice - which might be considered the ultimate skill in being human.

Mikaya grew up in Scotland in the fifties, and lived in the boonies of northern California for years, building her own house out of recycled lumber, and running an organic market garden. She now travels constantly, following the wind so that she can indulge in her favorite pastime, which is kitesurfing. 

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