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Natalie Forest

Lovingly referred to as a “change agent”, Natalie is a visionary leader and speaker in transforming coaching with the focus on Self Love. Whether she is working with students, clients, or peers, Natalie is fully dedicated to assisting everyone drawn to work with her to reach their fullest potential and live a happy, healthy, and peaceful life that is filled with abundance while living passionately in full authenticity. If you are ready to BE you and BE real; If you are ready to take charge of your life and lead the life you desire while courageously walking your walk, contact Natalie at

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En”vision” 2013

By Natalie Forest, PhD. On my way home from the "Festival of Lights" recently, while thinking about some of my students I realized that I needed to write another blog, one to help jumpstart 2013 for everyone - so, here it is. One thing that I have learned about and begun to teach about in more specific ways is the Law of Attraction.  It can be very intriguing when you begin to really pay attention and become aware of your thoughts and how negative they often are.  The amazing part about the Law of Attraction is that is always works…

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