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By Natalie Forest, PhD.

On my way home from the “Festival of Lights” recently, while thinking about some of my students I realized that I needed to write another blog, one to help jumpstart 2013 for everyone – so, here it is.

Vision_Board_GeneralOne thing that I have learned about and begun to teach about in more specific ways is the Law of Attraction.  It can be very intriguing when you begin to really pay attention and become aware of your thoughts and how negative they often are.  The amazing part about the Law of Attraction is that is always works and always delivers:  think about that and take a look around at what you have…

Yes, I know… it’s hard to believe and hard to digest, but what you have in your life is proof of your power to create, or co-create if you prefer.  The steps towards becoming aware and consciously working on your thoughts and your emotions are not necessarily what I want to address here.

These steps can take some time as often they require us to reflect upon and release old habits, deeply rooted beliefs (designed by social conditioning) in order to get us started and to keep on track.


Of course, there are still times in my life where I find myself a bit on the negative side if you will, those days where it seems that some efforts are fruitless or where things just don’t seem to go right. But I have learned to quickly recognize them and recognize that they are not going “right” because of my own agenda, my own time frame, and possibly actions or in-actions on my part, and more.  So then I can rather quickly turn those around, which is crucial.

The Law of Attraction does not require you to be happy and non-emotional. It requires you to remain human but to surrender to the universe while embracing your own power. If that sounds impossible just begin to observe your thoughts and actions — and most of all your expectations.

If you keep putting out that you are having a bad day and that no one likes you… what do you think you’ll get in return?

If you keep putting out there that you will never be able to leave the unhappy situation you are in… what do you think you’ll get in return?

If you keep feeling you’re not good enough and will never be good enough… what do you think you’ll get in return?


So, in addition to beginning to observe your words, thoughts, and emotions and work on them being more positive, here’s an easy step you can do to get yourself on the right path for 2013:


En”vision” your future.

This means you create a vision board, a vision map or whatever else you’d like to call it. Yes, I am serious.  I have one. Many coaches I work with have one – or more.  Many successful people have a vision map.

Here’s what you do:

  • You get a big poster board that is empty and that you can fill up.
  • You get pictures, clippings, etc. that depict dreams you have for the future.
  • You glue those pictures on the board.
    You can be as creative or non-creative in this process as you wish.
  • If you don’t have any pictures, then use words, or draw if you can, or use symbols if you wish to keep some things secret.

Most important: do NOT hold back and do NOT doubt.


Then, you put that vision board in a highly visible place for you so that you see it every day and as often as possible.  This is what you en”vision” and this is what you can co-create if you put your intention and your actions behind that.

My latest one (thanks to a leadership program I am in) is becoming more and more a reality. It’s not me staring at it daily, but me being inspired by it daily.

My daughter keeps looking at it, pointing out family members and more.  Yes, I have family members on this vision board because I am manifesting to see them more often in 2013 and thereafter.  This may not be clear to anyone but me when looking at the board but that’s o.k.  The universe and I know and that is what matters.

Do you see where this is going?

Yes — create your vision board!

Yes — create it tonight, tomorrow and complete it as much as possible in these first weeks of 2013.

Yes — keep it handy and allow this board to help you stay focused, inspired, and positive.

Oh yes… it works!

Have fun with it  and… if you dare… share yours!  That can only add to the energy of creation!

Hoping this helps you be ready for 2013 and beyond… once you achieve all on this board, make a new one!

Happy 2013 and all the success (however you define it) for you!

Peace, Love, Laughter & Harmony,


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Lovingly referred to as a “change agent”, Natalie is a visionary leader and speaker in transforming coaching with the focus on Self Love. Whether she is working with students, clients, or peers, Natalie is fully dedicated to assisting everyone drawn to work with her to reach their fullest potential and live a happy, healthy, and peaceful life that is filled with abundance while living passionately in full authenticity. If you are ready to BE you and BE real; If you are ready to take charge of your life and lead the life you desire while courageously walking your walk, contact Natalie at

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