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Patricia Albere is an internationally recognized pioneer and teacher, championing Evolutionary Relationships in our intimate, social and professional lives. By removing the traditional roles and broken rules that have held us down for millennia, Evolutionary Relationships is our ideal way of interacting -- recognizing that in order to succeed, we must develop the skills of 'mutuality' that include love, trust and sharing. She has facilitated the transformation of thousands of lives and countless relationships worldwide.

Patricia is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective a transformational educational institute focused on discovering what's possible through our connection, relationships, collective consciousness, and creativity. Through teachings, talks, web-casts, live & virtual workshops and collaboration with others, the Evolutionary Collective is opening people to a radical shift in perspective, out of self-contained consciousness and into the profound inter-connectedness and larger concern for the well-being of the whole. She is also the popular host of Evolutionary Collective Conversations. Her latest book, with Jeff Carreira, is Mutual Awakening: opening into a new paradigm of human relatedness.

Patricia and her fiancé live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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