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Since 1995, Ralph Marston has written and published The Daily Motivator, one of the web’s most popular and enduring places for daily inspiration. In that time, he has published more than 4,500 original daily motivational messages, as well as books, audio programs and inspiring video presentations.

Ralph began publishing The Daily Motivator because he recognized the power of the Internet to reliably deliver rich, positive reminders of life’s most powerful values on a daily basis at almost no cost. Over time, the brief, commonsense messages have positively influenced millions of lives.

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What Ties Possibility and Expression

You are the connection between possibility and expression. You are the miracle, the means through which thoughts and intentions are transformed into things and experiences. By your living of it you make life happen. With your love you make life beautiful. In your every urge is great power. For you can act and achieve and fulfill, and give meaning to every moment. Give generously of yourself, never holding back, never being afraid that you're not good enough. Within you is goodness itself, along with the desire to express and to spread that goodness in your own special way. Listen to…

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