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You are the connection between possibility and expression. You are the miracle, the means through which thoughts and intentions are transformed into things and experiences.

By your living of it you make life happen. With your love you make life beautiful. In your every urge is great power. For you can act and achieve and fulfill, and give meaning to every moment. Give generously of yourself, never holding back, never being afraid that you’re not good enough. Within you is goodness itself, along with the desire to express and to spread that goodness in your own special way.

Listen to the whisper of your spirit. Feel the beauty that is beautiful just because it is. Let go of the illusions that fill you with fear and doubt. Let go of the need to need. Feel the sweet freedom of simply allowing each unique and precious moment to be. Know the power of allowing your authentic intentions to come easily and naturally to life.

Let life come, without striving to force it. Let life come, and it will unfold with great abundance. The feeling you seek is already yours. If it was not, then how could you even know about it? Allow that feeling to live and breathe and grow and flow throughout your life. The life you wish to experience is yours when you let go and let it be.

Listen to those little inspirations that quietly sing to you. There is a reason why you hear them and feel their truth. Act in harmony with what you know is right and what you know is best. Instead of struggling against what is, ride joyously and successfully along with life’s continuously unfolding possibilities. Let life come. And live the beauty as each new moment is born.

Today, life begins anew. Today, you are blessed with fresh, new opportunity. You can build on the best of what has been. You can look clearly and objectively at the limitations that have held you back, and find new ways to transcend them.

Today, you can make amazing progress. Today, you can reach higher than you’ve ever reached before. All your mistakes are behind you, and you’ve learned much from each one. All your experience is still with you, and you can use it in innovative new ways.

This day has begun, and with it comes your chance to make a difference. In these moments you can bring your dreams to life. From deep within your purpose, look out and see all the great possibilities. This is a day that’s now here for you to live more richly than ever. This is life that’s now yours to explore and experience and fulfill in ways that are truly miraculous.

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Since 1995, Ralph Marston has written and published The Daily Motivator, one of the web’s most popular and enduring places for daily inspiration. In that time, he has published more than 4,500 original daily motivational messages, as well as books, audio programs and inspiring video presentations.

Ralph began publishing The Daily Motivator because he recognized the power of the Internet to reliably deliver rich, positive reminders of life’s most powerful values on a daily basis at almost no cost. Over time, the brief, commonsense messages have positively influenced millions of lives.

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  1. Inspiring, as always – I appreciate the last 3 paragraphs that focus on the here and now, and that will be my mantra for this morning! Thank you!

  2. Listen to the whisper of your spirit. You have new opportunities each day. You are always making progress just by trying. Flow, let go and let it be. So many good points in this article. Thanks for sharing Ralph.

  3. What a treat to read this article again, after 5 years. And to see that I left a comment then! Very uplifting and such good reminders. Thank you.

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