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When Renée Mollan-Masters was in second grade, her best friend was moved to third grade because the teachers thought this child was much smarter than the rest of the class. And then during their freshman year of college, both had a botany class together which was taught experimentally. It wasn't just a lecture class--you experienced it! And the course's tests were given in the same way. The outcome: Mollan-Masters received the highest grade in the class and her "smarter" friend received a "C."

What happened was not a matter of intelligence. It was a matter of how the ideas were presented. One way lined up with one of the girl's brain talents and the other way lined up with the other child's brain talents.

Today Renée Mollan-Masters, MA, teaches people that YOU ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK. Her internationally renowned book, teaching program and new online Journey helps people discover their best way to learn and how to maximize it.

For 25 years Renee has been changing the lives of students. Nursing students in the 90's were dropping out at 80%, with only 20% remaining in the program. After they were introduced to the You Are Smarter Than You Think Program, retention went to 80%. In a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, kids on probation became A and B students. Students who couldn't get into their major got in easily after learning how to use their brains correctly. Renee's program has changed the lives of thousands of students. They come back and tell their instructors how thankful they are to have learned that You Are Smarter Than You Think!

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3 Ways to Live Happy and Healthy

When my mother died, I was filled with such pain that I yelled at God and said I wasn’t going on until I understood what was happening. I could not see the sense of loving a mother and then losing her. What a painful joke. That night God’s messenger came to me and explained everything about life. As the years unfolded, I have been gently led to more and more understanding. As I sit here today, I believe there are 3 things that are helping me to live a happier, healthier, prosperous, and meaningful life. I have been learning that…

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