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Rivka Levy is a prolific writer of 20 years and has authored five books about spirituality and holistic health, including The Happy Workshop and Causes and Cures of Depression. She's also the founder of the Jewish Emotional Health Institute (JEMI), which teaches how to use God-based holistic health techniques to transform mind, body and soul.

Before changing track to God-based holistic health, Rivka owned her own PR firm in London, UK, and was a top ghostwriter for some of the biggest names in the British Government. She burned out at the age of 35, moved to Israel, and started looking for some real, spiritual answers to many of the health and personal issues she was facing in her own life.

After studying aromatherapy, energy medicine, Su Jok and a few other things, Rivka finally started to piece together a much bigger, holistic health paradigm that explains how happiness, holiness and health really fit together.

Now, she's on a mission to transform the way people relate to their own health and happiness by helping them make the connections between their own physical health, their feelings and their spiritual dimension.


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You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

You don't have to do it alone. All your worries, all your stress, all your secret agonizing over what will be, and 'How can this huge problem ever get resolved?' and 'How can I help my child / spouse / sibling / friend to get out of the huge hole they've fallen into?' - you don't have to carry all that stuff by yourself. If you're really honest, what can you actually do about it all anyway? Can you pull a million dollars out of thin air and solve your financial problems? Can you cure cancer, clean up the environment,…

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