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You don’t have to do it alone.

All your worries, all your stress, all your secret agonizing over what will be, and ‘How can this huge problem ever get resolved?’ and ‘How can I help my child / spouse / sibling / friend to get out of the huge hole they’ve fallen into?’ – you don’t have to carry all that stuff by yourself.

If you’re really honest, what can you actually do about it all anyway?

Can you pull a million dollars out of thin air and solve your financial problems? Can you cure cancer, clean up the environment, stop Venice from sinking further into the sea and eradicate violence and hate from the world?

All by yourself?

You can’t. And neither can anyone else.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to do it alone. When you team up with God, anything’s possible. God can do all of those things, and more.

So why hasn’t He done it already?

Simply, because you, me and everyone else haven’t yet figured out that we need to get Him more involved in finding the solutions to our problems. We’re still trying to save the world all by ourselves. Alone.

And boy, that’s how it can feel some days.

But guess what? Getting God involved is the easiest thing in the world. You don’t need a degree in comparative religion, or an ability to meditate for three months solid. You just need to know how to talk.

Yes, the secret to world peace, and inner peace and peace and quiet is simply this: talk to God, as much as possible, in your own words, about everything’s that bothering you.

The more people figure out that they don’t have to do it alone, the happier and healthier they’ll feel, and the more all those apparently unsolvable problems that we all know about, that we all face, will disappear by themselves.

If you knew that the answers to all the questions you have – the balm for all that hurts you, the cure for all your ills – was just a short conversation away, wouldn’t you start to talk?

I know, I know. You’re busy; you’re stressed; you don’t have time to talk to God, because you have all this stuff you’re trying to take of. Alone. With no one to help you.

But really?

You don’t have to do it alone.

Once you really figure that out, your life will start to transform in the most amazing, miraculous ways. Doors will open for you that you never even knew existed. Possibilities for love, health, happiness and fulfillment will appear faster than you know what to do with them.

And best of all, you’ll feel in your heart that Someone is looking out for you; Someone is sharing your burden, and carrying your load. And then you’ll understand that really? You were never alone.

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Rivka Levy is a prolific writer of 20 years and has authored five books about spirituality and holistic health, including The Happy Workshop and Causes and Cures of Depression. She's also the founder of the Jewish Emotional Health Institute (JEMI), which teaches how to use God-based holistic health techniques to transform mind, body and soul.

Before changing track to God-based holistic health, Rivka owned her own PR firm in London, UK, and was a top ghostwriter for some of the biggest names in the British Government. She burned out at the age of 35, moved to Israel, and started looking for some real, spiritual answers to many of the health and personal issues she was facing in her own life.

After studying aromatherapy, energy medicine, Su Jok and a few other things, Rivka finally started to piece together a much bigger, holistic health paradigm that explains how happiness, holiness and health really fit together.

Now, she's on a mission to transform the way people relate to their own health and happiness by helping them make the connections between their own physical health, their feelings and their spiritual dimension.


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  1. Such a timely post, Rivka! Even when we’re committed to a spiritual path, it’s so easy to think, oh, God has enough to do. I’ll handle this one on my own.
    And we know where that gets us.
    This just sums it up: “the secret to world peace, and inner peace and peace and quiet is simply this: talk to God, as much as possible”
    The keys to the kingdom 🙂
    Thank You!

  2. Rivka many thanks for this excellent post. So many people try and fail simply because they want to do it all themselves.

    In my internet marketing niche more than 95% of new marketers setting up a business online are defeated, deflated and destroyed within 120 days – all because they lack a support system, a mentor, coach or guide to show them around the major “failure stepping stones”

    Hopefully many folks considering setting up an online business will read your words of wisdom – I have shared this post widely as it deserves to be seen

    Thank you again for sharing this important element in life not just in business.

    Peter Beckenham

  3. For the subject “A Semite” to accept the Book of Revelation, Ed Townley of “Kingdom Come” a Unity book, speaks of “Profit the Creator for Investment the Christ”. A simple example is Chi Energy passing through a chakra. Individually speaking, to know of God as an “it” of Ideation that eternally has an idea “I am”, I can time-wise have an idea “We are”, thus using God to increase Heterosexual compassion and comfort and additionally a piece of Peace, while I am a Spouse of God. As an Uncle figure, I and God can enable your Shabbat to be enhanced just as I am as a part of your infinite Bosom nature. Being very pleased, thank you for your pleasingly sharing Heavenliness.
    P.S. my web-site is pending permissions.

  4. What a coincidence-I was feeling so alone in making a decision for a home repair and was talking to a neighbor who had their roof repaired. She guided me on how not to get ripped off on contractor prices and recommended their contractor for our home. We both are Catholics and now I believe that God was involved because loving our neighbor as yourself was applied. Called their contractor and awaiting estimate for our house. This is a big decision for me since it is just my mom and me living in the house. My step-father recently passed away(5 yrs. ago) and we are vunerable. Two females alone with no support. I have no siblings either and few family members left to consult. My mom has Dementia and I am her primary caregiver so I have the triple burden of responsibilities. I think it is safe for me to say I need more than 1 God but I know He is everywhere so He is the only one who will provide for our needs.

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