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Robin Easton is an adventurer. She spent much of her adult life in wild remote areas including, Alaska, Tasmania, Australia and the north woods of Maine, and has traveled to New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and lived throughout Europe. She is a writer, speaker, musician, and nature photographer.

Robin grew up in beautiful western Maine. Her parents were committed to getting their children away from the TV and into nature. In her book, Naked in Eden, Robin tells how her father got rid of the family TV and took his six kids into the wild. Robin’s father taught her how to camp, hike, handle a canoe, and a bow and arrow. He instilled in her a creative and freethinking way of life, and encouraged her to be adventurous.

At age twenty-five Easton left the USA, walked away from society, and went to live with her husband in the remote Daintree Rainforest of Queensland, Australia. Easton’s true life stories entertain, educate and inspire. In the rainforest, kangaroos, birds and bandicoots befriended her, as her bare feet shared paths with centipedes, leeches and ticks. She learned to handle and identify some of the world’s deadliest snakes.

One of Robin's most remarkable rainforest experiences was the gift of music. During her last year in the rainforests of Australia she began to dream beautiful music. When she returned to the USA she sat at a piano and played as if she'd played for ten years. Although unable to read music, Robin went on to perform live shows.

Robin loves outdoor wild activity, nature photography, playing the flute and piano, singing, and glass fusing. Her story has been told on an award-winning NBC News affiliate piece, Paul Harvey News, KBLA Radio, KSFR and others. She's appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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