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Robin is a business and life strategist who helps entrepreneurs take a leap of faith to make more money and get recognized in a crowded marketplace. Her passion is coaching professionals to expand their limits so they can share their gifts and profits with the world.

Robin is a Mom and a beekeeper. She lives a zesty life in Milton, Massachusetts, with her dog Lucy. 

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Today’s Brilliance from Robin Samora

If you're brave enough to be alone for some length of time, away from the noise and hub bub of activities, friends, family and kids, with a sleeping dog at the foot of your bed, and your palms intentionally or not open, asking what is really going on right now in your life, and how it's all serving you - that's the time to listen. It is without doubt, one of the hardest things to do - to just stop the mind chatter and let thoughts come in, kind of like an air purifier does with air, only with the…

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