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If you’re brave enough to be alone for some length of time, away from the noise and hub bub of activities, friends, family and kids, with a sleeping dog at the foot of your bed, and your palms intentionally or not open, asking what is really going on right now in your life, and how it’s all serving you – that’s the time to listen.

It is without doubt, one of the hardest things to do – to just stop the mind chatter and let thoughts come in, kind of like an air purifier does with air, only with the window open rather than a filter. To listen, to the quiet little voice that speaks as softly as a whisper, or in my case, often comes through as a song, lyrics and all. One key phrase repeated often. Most recently, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby”, when asking about a relationship.

Imagine if we could listen, and just breathe in love, and breathe out fear when we were stressed, or angry, or feeling anxious. How would we feel afterwards, and how would that affect the little voice, our gut or innermost thoughts. How would it affect our peacefulness? Blood pressure? Relationships with others, and more importantly the relationship with ourselves? Would it be an exercise that we could all benefit from?

I’ve come to realize that we are often either loving or fearing to some degree. And, what are we afraid of? Responsibility, disappointment, success, drama, not being “all in” when someone wants us to be? Not sure exactly, but the list goes on, with our own twists and turns.

One day, I decided to wash everyone with love that I came across during an entire day. I wished them well, smiled, and noticed that love was taking over. It was contagious. I had amazing eye contact with strangers. On airplanes, in restaurants, at coffee shops, and even with my Fed Ex guy. In my world, a smile is just an extended form of love, and where I grew up, there were a hundred ways to love, just as there were a hundred ways to skin a cat (metaphorically speaking).

Some are lucky to listen to their inner Voice, others may need some prompting, but ultimately, the voice is there if you listen. If the connection is good, the Voice is eternal, whether we realize it or not. So being alone now, is never an issue for me. I can hold hands with the Voice, and ask, “what’s really going on.”

The answer is always there.

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Robin is a business and life strategist who helps entrepreneurs take a leap of faith to make more money and get recognized in a crowded marketplace. Her passion is coaching professionals to expand their limits so they can share their gifts and profits with the world.

Robin is a Mom and a beekeeper. She lives a zesty life in Milton, Massachusetts, with her dog Lucy. 

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  1. Dear Robin Samora
    You wrote your heart in this .
    This is beautiful ❤️.I loved it and believe in it.
    Breathing fear out require more clarity.
    This is the point where often people are strucked.
    Taking fear in is the most common problem which change the whole aura of person and most of the energy is wasted out in hiding fear and proving others that we are unique and out of it.
    So I hope you will write something on How can person possibly breath out fear?
    With warm regards
    Asia Khawar

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