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ROSIE BATTISTA creator of "Sleeping Naked After 40" is Your Healthy Body "Builder", Trainer and Food Maven, who confidently posed nearly naked beside people half her age in a figure body building competition when she was 50. Along the way Rosie developed a life enhancing program for mature women who want a healthy, sexy body that doesn't include starving or hours at the gym. The program won't kill them, but Rosie let's them know their crappy diet may. Make no mistake about it, Rosie is here to help women succeed, not validate their over-used excuses for failure. She is not interested in why you can't.

With the big '5' '0' looming close, Rosie took a hard, naked look at herself and her life. Could a forty-pound, overweight, out of shape, overwhelmed, over-stressed, 50 year old mother of three, become a figure (bodybuilding) competitor? She found inspiration in her adult children, and her own disgust at feeling fat and frumpy. She vowed 100% commitment to fulfilling her dream, then put blinders on, earplugs in, thanked the naysayers and saboteurs, and took the steps one at a time! And 16 weeks (a skimpy four months) later and 38 pounds lighter, she strutted her stuff in competition that included her 20 year old daughter by her side. She stepped on stage and stepped up her life. She is an inspiration for women over 40 as she helps then cook naked, eat better, get healthy and feel rockin' hot and sexy in their body. 

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3 Principles of Self Care

It takes extreme self care and love to build your best physical body. Your physical body is what houses your amazing soul. So you'll need a strong vibrant building for your very precious life. Here are three principles for getting your body, your head and your heart in this game of body "building", a Personal Promise, and 10 Ways to Achieve Rockstar Status. 3 PRINCIPLES OF SELF CARE 1. Lose the Fake Stuff and Get Real (Get your body in the game!) You only get one body and it's an awesome one. Not only is it your right, but it is your…

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