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It takes extreme self care and love to build your best physical body. Your physical body is what houses your amazing soul. So you’ll need a strong vibrant building for your very precious life.

Here are three principles for getting your body, your head and your heart in this game of body “building”, a Personal Promise, and 10 Ways to Achieve Rockstar Status.


1. Lose the Fake Stuff and Get Real (Get your body in the game!)
You only get one body and it’s an awesome one. Not only is it your right, but it is your obligation to take care of your body. The food you eat directly affects your mood, attitude, and health. It’s important to participate fully in the process of nourishing yourself well. When you feed your body with processed, chemicalized, fake food, it will show up on your body as unwanted weight. If you nourish yourself with pure and naked food, the body of your dreams will show up.

2. Become Less Interested in Why You Can’t (Get your head in the game!)
You can do, be or have anything you want. If there is something that you want, go and get it. Don’t put your focus on the excuses of why you can’t; instead trust and believe that you can and take the steps necessary, one at a time. Make every meal an opportunity to improve your health. Make every workout an opportunity to feel better. Make every moment an opportunity to be present.

3. Fall in Love With the Idea (Get your heart in the game!)
Remember how it felt the first time you fell in love? When you are in love, everything feels special and amazing. You have energy and inspiration to do more than you ever thought possible. Possibility opens and allows for beauty to enter. With that feeling of being in love in your mind and heart you can approach every task you need to take in a different, lighter way. and with love. Falling in love with the idea changes the journey. Fall in love with the idea that you have the opportunity to build the best version of yourself by eating better and treating yourself well.


“I promise to put myself first. Because putting myself first allows me to give my best to the world”.


A rock star …

  • does what it takes to be the best she can be
  • does NOT make up excuses for why she CAN’T
  • takes the next best step towards the direction of her dreams
  • believes only that she CAN
  • accepts challenges as a learning experience
  • is committed, dedicated and persistent
  • knows when she deviates from her plan, she can and will get back on track.
  • is always learning, moving and shaking
  • knows that when she’s got health, she’s got personal power

A rock star shares her best self and good stuff with the world, every day in every way.


Always, always search for incredible. Don’t settle for mediocrity in any area of your life. Mediocrity means you are not shining brightly and the world needs your brilliance. Without your brilliance the world is dark. When you shine brightly, you light up everyone and your spark makes magic happen for yourself and for others.

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ROSIE BATTISTA creator of "Sleeping Naked After 40" is Your Healthy Body "Builder", Trainer and Food Maven, who confidently posed nearly naked beside people half her age in a figure body building competition when she was 50. Along the way Rosie developed a life enhancing program for mature women who want a healthy, sexy body that doesn't include starving or hours at the gym. The program won't kill them, but Rosie let's them know their crappy diet may. Make no mistake about it, Rosie is here to help women succeed, not validate their over-used excuses for failure. She is not interested in why you can't.

With the big '5' '0' looming close, Rosie took a hard, naked look at herself and her life. Could a forty-pound, overweight, out of shape, overwhelmed, over-stressed, 50 year old mother of three, become a figure (bodybuilding) competitor? She found inspiration in her adult children, and her own disgust at feeling fat and frumpy. She vowed 100% commitment to fulfilling her dream, then put blinders on, earplugs in, thanked the naysayers and saboteurs, and took the steps one at a time! And 16 weeks (a skimpy four months) later and 38 pounds lighter, she strutted her stuff in competition that included her 20 year old daughter by her side. She stepped on stage and stepped up her life. She is an inspiration for women over 40 as she helps then cook naked, eat better, get healthy and feel rockin' hot and sexy in their body. 

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