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Music is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity – it transcends all of the arts, delivers crystal clarity, touches every chakra and can make you scream for joy or cry a thousand emotions away in one passage.

Better yet, the universal power of music can be applied to the way we communicate, work, play and most importantly, the way in which we really listen to one another. Furthermore, the core elements of music can literally create alignment and harmony in our everyday lives! Why should we expect anything less from the world’s undisputed international language?

From the moment we are birthed, the heartbeat of music races throughout our being. Humanity should not delay another second, for there exists at least six-billion culturally-diverse stories and timeless lessons that music can reflect back to every man, woman and child – a soul star experience waiting for us to simply say “yes”.

In that “yes,” we will learn how to truly listen to one another and arrive at truths that I have learned in my few years on the planet:

  • An attitude of gratitude will open more doors to your life than practically any other virtue.
  • The tiniest baby can teach you lessons as profound as an old wise sage.
  • I am not really raising my two children; they are raising me.
  • Don’t waste a moment saying “I’m not good enough” you are, for we all have divinity within us.
  • Identify your passion and purpose as soon as possible – do what you love and love what you do; that is the “melody” of your life and when you have landed on it, it is a whole different life.
  • As above, so it is below.

Namaste – perhaps my favorite word of all time, meaning the light in me recognizes and honors the light in you.

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Freddie Ravel is the internationally acclaimed Harmonics Maestro that blends his infectious passions for music and business to unlock the minds, hearts and hips of audiences around the world. In support of Charity: Water, Freddie is donating 50% of the net proceeds of the two holiday classics he recorded with over 100 musicians and singers at the stunning Crystal Cathedral. Order the never-before-released live recordings of “Call of the Bells” and “Jingle Bells Brazilian Style" and help bring life’s most precious gift of water to the people who need it the most!

The #1 chart-topping keyboardist, speaker and producer is the creator of the unique Keynote Concert™ where strategic storytelling and customized music messaging merge to delight and inspire the greatness in leaders, teams and entrepreneurs alike.

Backed by number one hits and collaborative successes with Earth, Wind and Fire, Madonna, Prince, Indie Arie, Sergio Mendes, Quincy Jones, Al Jarreau, the Boston Pops and rock legend, Carlos Santana, he is the Founder of Human Harmonics, the peak performance program to enhance leadership, innovation and collaboration within major companies and organizations such as: Starbucks, Coke, Toyota, Red Bull, NASA, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Google and Citi.

As a one-of-a-kind Edutainer, Freddie is a captivating access point through which to transform entrepreneurs, events and companies forever.

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  1. I read Freddie Ravel’s Let Music Iluminate Your Life On Inspire Me Today, I love music,we were raised listening to my Mother sing,she had a beautiful voice and sang every day no matter what the circumstances might have been at any given time. Just a coincidense I guess but my favorite piece of music is Bolero by Ravel,it was my Mother’s favorite movie also starring George Raft,I still often watch the dance clip of Raft dancing to Bolero which was also the name of the movie, what great music, it stirs the soul!!!

  2. Hello old friend.
    Loved the little Drummer Boy Nawlins’ style as well as your other Holiday releases.
    Following you via facebook and other media. You’ve come a long way since the “Jazz Cookbook” ;o)

    We took different paths in life but both arrived at being passionate about “one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity”. While music is not a career for me, it such a big part of my life. The ability to listen and be immersed… also to create, compose, and improvise brings me unexplainable joy and has fed my soul when I needed it most.

    Thank you for being part of my life.
    Every connection is precious – you allude to that above in many ways.

    Big “Al”

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