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Walt Disney’s first company went bankrupt. Instead of giving up, he headed to Hollywood with twenty dollars and a suitcase to start a new business. He believed in himself and his ideas. It turned out to be a really good risk.

Michael Jordan was cut from his sophomore varsity basketball team for being too short. He stuck with the game and ended up one of the best basketball players in the world.

Winston Churchill did poorly in school for which he was punished. He also had a stuttering speech impediment. Churchill went on to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a Nobel Prize winner.

These individuals, and others like them, teach us that in order to have an amazing life you have to believe in yourself and take extraordinary risks even when everything and everyone around you sends the message that you can’t do it.

When you take risks ,you can start big or small, according to your threshold of comfort. Some people take giant leaps and others feel more at ease with baby steps as they build their risk-taking muscle. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, as long as you are taking risks.

Sometimes you just have to jump into things instead of dwelling or meditating on them for days on end, because hesitation may result in a missed once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Just use logic and make sure you aren’t putting your life or someone else’s life in danger.

If you find that you want to take more risks but something is holding you back, or maybe just the thought of taking risks has you shuddering, get to the root of the issue. Maybe you are holding onto a fear or belief in your mind that is limiting and negative. Perhaps you don’t even know what is stopping you from taking the risk, you just know that every time you want to step out and try something new, you find yourself frozen and rooted in place.

This is the perfect opportunity to examine your beliefs about risks, failure, and making mistakes. Also notice and become aware of your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and your abilities.

A person might take a risk and make a mistake, but it isn’t a failure until he or she decides that it is a failure and starts beating themselves up about it.

Are you worried about what other people might think of you? How do you measure success? Do you fear success? Are you dealing with lack of self-confidence and self-worth? Negative and limiting beliefs in any or all of these areas need to be uprooted, re-engineered, and replaced with positive beliefs in order to start moving forward.

It’s important to believe in yourself and to take risks. Holding a mind full of positive beliefs will support, encourage and propel you forward. When you start taking risks, jumping on opportunities and accepting challenges, amazing things begin to happen: an amazing life unfolds and at the center of that is an amazing person. That amazing person is you.

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Esther Bartkiw has been empowering and working hand in hand with people on their personal journey of change and transformation for more then a decade. She facilitates and guides people to remembrance and a return to the Divine Love that they are, their Soul Essence, awaken to more consciousness and helps to navigate the cosmic waters.

She is a Certified Holistic Core Belief Engineering Therapist and Quantum Vortex Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor~Channel Facilitator of Energy Processes, Speaker and Writer.

Esther is a featured guest on various Tele-Summits, Television and Radio programs including The CBC’s Steven and Chris Show, Gail Vaz-Oxlade Talk Radio, Unbounded Potential and Conscious Cool Chic Tele-Summits, The Best People We Know Radio Show with Deb Scott. She is featured in the book Women Power  highlighted as a powerful and inspirational woman of influence. Esther is a Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader taking the stage at The University of Ottawa, Women In Business Network, Clarity Centre, E-Women Network, Halton’s Women’s Place, Roaring Women and various networking, educational and women’s organizations.

Esther is known for her intuitive nature, getting to the core of an issue and helping people make change at a deep meta level. She works with people around the globe to awaken to consciousness, free themselves from  limitation, break through barriers and fall deeply in love with themselves and the world around them. She assists her clients in healing fragmented parts and aspects of themselves, integrating those parts into wholeness and a deeper connection with their Soul and True Essence.  Along the way Esther helps you transmute fear, open to all possibilities and live life with joy and ease.

Using ever changing and evolving tools, methods and processes Esther assists in transforming any area of your life and stepping into your magnificence.

For more information, please visit and

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  1. Hey Esther,

    Firstly, I can say that your article inspires me alot. About the article, I really the starting part where you have given a nice examples for great works! So, it’s really true, to achieve something big in life, we have to take risks!

    Thanks for sharing the awesome stuff with us 😀 Cheers!

  2. Excellent – well said. May I use this in my coaching classes? Many thanks. Rev. Vernon Diannah Porter

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