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Sandip Sekhon completed degrees in Finance and Investment Management. However, having always wanted to run his own business, he left the investment management industry to pursue his hobby of creating online businesses.

He is now the founder of several popular websites including personal fundraising site,which has helped people all over the world raise millions for the things that matter to them most. More recently. he co-founded online estate agents to help put an end to what he believes are excessive industry fees.

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You Are Brave, Bold, Loving, Kind and Confident

Your job, your absolute duty is to embrace every feeling that increases long-term happiness. Nothing else is more important. Once you live by this guideline, every single day will be happier than the day before you read this email. Just by reading this sentence, you have already sparked long-term positive change that will only increase as you read on and make my suggestions your own. From now on, in every situation, you will be brave, bold, loving, kind and confident. Take a second to reflect on each of those words and what they mean for you. Tell yourself everyday that…

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