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Scott Kalechstein Grace, known as the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, lives in Marin, California with his lovely partner Venus, and their darling daughter Aysia.

Scott started studying classical music at age seven with the violin. Spontaneity was always bursting out of him, sometimes getting him into mischief and trouble. In the orchestras he played in, often he would memorize a piece, put away the sheets of music, and play by heart, both dazzling and annoying the conductor as he embellished the classics with his own creative improvements. At age fourteen he started taking guitar lessons.

At the advent of college came much spiritual searching, which led him to A Course In Miracles, psychotherapy, the 12 Steps, a plethora of self-improvement workshops, rebirthing, meditation, and other activities of self-discovery. During that time he began to write and sing songs about personal and planetary transformation. With the help of singing lessons and the encouragement of friends, Scott set out on a road less traveled to become a professional recording artist and motivational entertainer.

He lived in New York City, selling laundry bags on the sidewalks of the city to pay the bills. Gradually, his concerts and workshops increased in attendance and popularity until 1990, when he sold his last laundry bag and at last became a law-abiding citizen. Scott moved to California, and embarked full time into his life's work/play.

Scott travels as a transformational troubadour. Groups large and small seek him out to provide ice breaking, community building, celebration, humor and heart to their events. He has performed at the talks and workshops of popular authors and seminar leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Alan Cohen, Byron Katie, Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Barbara DeAngelis. Scott also conducts a variety of workshops of his own.

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