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Everything I’ve learned so far I’ve learned from dogs!

I love watching dogs run after seagulls on the beach. They set their sights on a flock and then are focused, single-minded, and even quite passionate about running down a bird. At the same time, they are very fulfilled in the thrill of the chase, having a tremendous amount of fun just frolicking on the beach. Going home without having caught a bird doesn’t for one moment diminish their love of life.

When we realize that just being alive is the gift that keeps on giving, we may pursue our own gulls just as passionately, but far less frantically. We value the process as much as the intended outcome. We embrace whatever we encounter along the trip with loving arms open wide enough to be grateful for it all.

When we have tasted the nectar of a fulfillment that is not dependent on the outside world granting us our desires, we realize that life is blessing us as much when we don’t get what we want as when we do. In those times we get to practice being friends with reality, we must let go of our adversarial position to what is.

A heavy burden is lifted each time we release the arrogant assumption that we are in possession of the big picture perspective enough to really know what our highest good is supposed to look like. We get to more thoroughly chew on yet another spiritual slice of humble pie. A Course In Miracles invites us to digest: “I don’t perceive my own best interests.”

There is a state of being that is available to us that is not of this world. Echoes of it visit us ever so briefly; the first few morsels of cheesecake, the first few mouthfuls of romantic love, and other fleeting moments of satisfaction. For some people who consistently choose to practice “Seek ye first the Kingdom”, that state sets up shop and sticks around as part of the fabric. It becomes the foundation of a sense of self rooted in eternity.

That’s what I want, to abide in a love that is not of this world. Perhaps that’s what we all want, even when we are seeking to manifest things of this world.

Have you had enough of telling the story of ‘not enough’? Do you want out of the state of wanting that always leaves us wanting more?

Let’s remember together: “I am as God created me, and I am free, whole and complete as I am. I am enough, I have enough, and I do enough. I wake up from the dream of lack. I am drenched in abundance at all times. Every sunrise is proof of my infinite wealth, every breath is a miracle, and all is supremely and eternally well.”

When that state of enoughness takes root in you and permeates your being, you will most probably be moved to chase some gulls and have some fun.

Gangway… I’ll see you on the beach!

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Scott Kalechstein Grace, known as the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, lives in Marin, California with his lovely partner Venus, and their darling daughter Aysia.

Scott started studying classical music at age seven with the violin. Spontaneity was always bursting out of him, sometimes getting him into mischief and trouble. In the orchestras he played in, often he would memorize a piece, put away the sheets of music, and play by heart, both dazzling and annoying the conductor as he embellished the classics with his own creative improvements. At age fourteen he started taking guitar lessons.

At the advent of college came much spiritual searching, which led him to A Course In Miracles, psychotherapy, the 12 Steps, a plethora of self-improvement workshops, rebirthing, meditation, and other activities of self-discovery. During that time he began to write and sing songs about personal and planetary transformation. With the help of singing lessons and the encouragement of friends, Scott set out on a road less traveled to become a professional recording artist and motivational entertainer.

He lived in New York City, selling laundry bags on the sidewalks of the city to pay the bills. Gradually, his concerts and workshops increased in attendance and popularity until 1990, when he sold his last laundry bag and at last became a law-abiding citizen. Scott moved to California, and embarked full time into his life's work/play.

Scott travels as a transformational troubadour. Groups large and small seek him out to provide ice breaking, community building, celebration, humor and heart to their events. He has performed at the talks and workshops of popular authors and seminar leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Alan Cohen, Byron Katie, Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Barbara DeAngelis. Scott also conducts a variety of workshops of his own.

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