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The real wisdom does not need words or explanation: it is silent. It is always inside of you, and you have to quiet your thoughts to hear it. You don’t even have to try to do anything special to hear The Wisdom. It is your essence; it is natural to you. It is who you are. You just need to be aware of who you really are.

You already are everything you want to be. You are perfect, you are the Divine part of the Infinite Whole. Often you are not aware of it. Everything around you is perfect. All that is and all that isn’t is perfect, because it is all part of the Infinite Whole. Problems seem to appear when you are not aware of this. And even if there are problems, they only seem to be problems: they are not real when you look at them from the standpoint of Higher reality, because all that is, all that exists is God.

Everything that is and everything that isn’t is God. The only power that exists is God. All there is, is Infinite Perfection that was never created and can never be destroyed. It’s the never-ending Infinite Presence, which is everything. And you see it when you look beyond the illusion.

So relax, you already are home, and you will always be here. It is all perfect. You already are perfect and everything already is perfect, was perfect and will always be perfect. That’s how it is, it is the natural flow of life, the essence of who we are. And you can see it clearly by becoming aware.

Now, about your purpose. You determine it. The natural aspiration of life is growth in all its aspects. It is the constant movement to higher and better, to more expression and creation. It is constant movement to reaching and opening up your highest potential, reaching new levels of awareness, to becoming the best you can ever be. It is constant growth, constant movement higher to God. Oneness with the Source, and constant awareness of the connection and oneness with the Divine is what the soul really longs for. When we become aware of this, we see clearly.

What helps to become aware is understanding on a conscious level, which we gain with the knowledge: knowledge of the laws of the universe, of the laws of mind, knowledge of the Divine Truths. And it is your choice whether to gain this knowledge and expand your awareness.

Let Infinite Presence express itself freely through you. Let God express Himself freely through you. Don’t resist by feeling worry, anxiety, fear, don’t resist by “squeezing” (emotionally) everything inside of you. Let this flow of ease and Infinite Healing Love flow through you easily and freely. Release the rest and let God work through you. Let the Divine inspiration flow through you, let the Divine Healing Love flow through you easily and freely. Trust and know that everything is perfect and that everything will be great. It will be perfect and right for you.

Feel peace, serenity. The peace that only the connection with the Source can give, when you feel the everlasting Presence of the Divine within you and all around you, in every place, in every situation, in every person, in every thought.

You are love, you are filled with the Divine Love and you radiate this love to everything that is.

You are aware and you feel that you are perfect; you are aware and you feel that everything is perfect; you are aware and you feel that you are home, here, now and always.

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Zlatoslava Petrak is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, life mentor and the founder of

Says Zlatoslava: "Being a very positive person, and being able to achieve anything I really wanted, as a kid I remember saying to myself, 'I truly have everything I want. All my dreams have come true. Wow!' Now I understand that as a child I naturally, automatically, used the Laws of the Universe, which brought all the riches I desired to my life."

"A little later, when my circumstances changed and things started to go "wrong," when almost nothing went the way I had planned or wanted it to be, and I grew tired of feeling depressed, upset, unhappy, unsatisfied, and miserable, I started my (this time) conscious search for happiness, success, and wellbeing.

"To that end, I started consciously studying what I had naturally known and applied as a child. Through this 10-year journey of mine, I have gained a lot of knowledge, expanded my awareness, mastered the Laws of the Universe, and found everything I was looking for.

"Thinking, 'Now I know that everything has led me to this moment so that I can educate others in reaching their goals,' I now educate people so that they can help themselves to achieve their highest potential in all aspects of their lives, and thereby live their dreams. My books are part of my work in this endeavor."

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  1. It a very good article I want to learn the very practical ideas of how to be aware everything perfect I’ve tried many times to reminds the same thing but fail to implement at in right time became aware later on 🙂 … I would be happy to get your coaching and support. Thank you. God Bless.

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