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Shannon White is a 2-time Emmy-nominated TV journalist, a clergywoman, an award-winning speaker, and seminar leader. Her most important role, however, is as a mom to her 11 year old daughter. Together they wrote the book, How Was School Today? Fine to help parents and their children get underneath the one word responses after school. They wrote the book after Shannon heard, two months after the fact, and from a third party that her daughter Peyton had been asked for sex…by another 3rd grader! You can find it at

Shannon loves to travel to exotic places, especially on a bicycle! She loves hanging out with Peyton, going to movies, singing, running and playing.

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Today’s Brilliance from Shannon White

Find what makes your heart sing and move mountains to do it and then continue to do it. Each one of us has a life calling... that passion for which we know deep down we've been uniquely made. Some of us cheat the world by not finding out what that is and not fulfilling our dreams. My mother always told me, "If you don't use the gifts you've been given, you'll lose them." Do everything you can to uncover what it is you were meant to do and then plow ahead with the courage to do it... And since it…

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