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Find what makes your heart sing and move mountains to do it and then continue to do it. Each one of us has a life calling… that passion for which we know deep down we’ve been uniquely made.

Some of us cheat the world by not finding out what that is and not fulfilling our dreams. My mother always told me, “If you don’t use the gifts you’ve been given, you’ll lose them.” Do everything you can to uncover what it is you were meant to do and then plow ahead with the courage to do it… And since it does take great courage, surround yourself with people who will love you and support your dreams!

A mentor of mine once said, “If you want to change, you’ve got to grow.” Internal growth takes intent and concentrated energy. At times growth is uncomfortable and even excruciatingly painful. But it never ends there. Miracles happen. Just like a caterpillar which through time and effort goes through a life transformation, eventually what once seemed impossible bursts forth in beauty.

Some of your most fulfilling moments will come when you get out of your comfort zone… when you take a risk by putting yourself into new situations, with people you don’t know. Rough edges are sanded off. Vulnerability becomes a beautiful and magnetic quality about you, and you find deep parts of yourself and gifts you never knew you had.

Love, love, and more love is all there really is. So many of us spend far too much time caught up in petty differences and let past arguments fill our heads. Why not reach out and mend broken relationships today? Apologizing costs you nothing, except perhaps a bit of pride, but the benefits of living a life free from old resentment is priceless. Besides, holding onto the past takes a lot of energy. When you let things go, you’ll find all sorts of creativity!

Find and connect daily with your Divine Source. Have gratitude for everything you have and for who you are, for the ups and downs which bring you your greatest life lessons. There is a very attractive, magnetic quality about those who humbly recognize they are who they are and where they are because of “whose” they are.

The Scriptures say, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Both are difficult to do for many people. Many are good at one or the other, but those who balance both are truly blessed. So, give sacrificially and receive generously, whether it be love, energy or resources of any kind.

And lastly, wake up! Right now… you can be present to each and every moment. Breathe deeply and be aware of what is happening both inside and outside of you. Figure out what you don’t want to see and ask why. Be curious about your life. We are given the opportunity to go through life, not have it go through us. Make the conscious decision to make each day count for the good of all.

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Shannon White is a 2-time Emmy-nominated TV journalist, a clergywoman, an award-winning speaker, and seminar leader. Her most important role, however, is as a mom to her 11 year old daughter. Together they wrote the book, How Was School Today? Fine to help parents and their children get underneath the one word responses after school. They wrote the book after Shannon heard, two months after the fact, and from a third party that her daughter Peyton had been asked for sex…by another 3rd grader! You can find it at

Shannon loves to travel to exotic places, especially on a bicycle! She loves hanging out with Peyton, going to movies, singing, running and playing.

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  1. Thank you Shannon! Well said and very supportive.
    Words that resonate with my present path.
    I am a retired 67 year old, Chinese Canadian woman. Now, paying it forward, with all my gifts when I can.
    My life experience ranges from Costumer of Ballet, Opera, Theater to physically renovating 38 apartments.
    I also have the gift to release people of their pain through my touch. I make beautiful masks that make people smile at the person wearing them. I have made moisturizer designed to heal all skin issues, to heal the skin of nurses and volunteers. I volunteer at Kingston’s Inoculation center as a screener.
    My presents on the frontlines is my way to hopefully pinch out the flame of Asian hate.
    There’s so much anxiousness and anger out there. I enjoy making them smile and relaxed.
    So thank you for your encouraging words.

    All the best,

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