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My wall is adorned with several quotes, many of which are my own. “Embrace today! Release yesterday!” is my favorite. It’s a simple way to remind me to enjoy this life as it is. The heart which harbors ill feelings is a heart that is hardened. It’s a heart that can’t experience the greatness and love that surrounds it. That’s no life to live.

Forgiveness seems to be one of the hardest behaviors for us to practice. We refuse to forgive those who have hurt us in fear of being weak or unintelligent. True unconditional forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re less intelligent or weak. It simply means you have matured enough to realize people make mistakes, even if it’s on purpose.

When you choose to be unforgiving, you have given away all your power to the person who wronged you – which I’m sure isn’t your intention. If you truly want to live a life filled with peace, success, and happiness, then you must learn to forgive and let go.

Release all your hurts. Give them away. Give them to God. He can bear them. It’s time for you to let them go. It’s time for you to stop being weighed down in life. Step into your perfect peace which the world can’t penetrate. Your greatness is on the other side of unforgiveness. Why risk it all, the beauty, riches, happiness, and pure joy?

Failure is the precursor to success. If you change the way you view failures, mistakes, and mis-steps, your life will greatly change. A setback is nothing more than your set-up for greatness. Some of the most valuable lessons are learned through failures: failed marriages, businesses, and relationships. This is the time when you truly learn what you are made of. It’s when you discover your compelling reason to keep pushing.

Failure shouldn’t be shunned but embraced. You can’t win until you fail. Success comes from perseverance and the sheer determination to keep going in spite of. Don’t worry about yesterday’s failures. Sometimes you have to just learn the lesson, readjust your plan, and get back out there.

Giving of yourself is one of the keys to lasting happiness. Selflessness goes much farther than selfishness. A sincere giving heart is never weary but one that’s constantly taking is hurting. When you give of yourself to others, it inspires others to give of themselves to you. It’s one of the basic laws of humanity. It revives our soul and connects us to our Creator. It’s the heartbeat of life. To truly experience all that life has and can be, you must look past yourself.

Belief is the most powerful glue in existence. It doesn’t matter what is thrown your way, when you believe, there is nothing that can tear you away from your greatness. It’s that feeling that pushes you to fight when the world tells you it’s over. Without belief, life has no true purpose.

While you’re on your journey, remember: Embrace today! Release yesterday!

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Senica Evans as author, relationship coach, radio host, and speaker is passionate about helping women overcome the destruction in their life to reveal their true beauty and greatness. As a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and destructive relationships, Senicafounded SennySen to be a guiding light to women and teen girls. Senica is the author of Married to Him, an autobiography of the destruction she faced in her abusive marriage. Senica is preparing to release her second book later this year, Woman Free Yourself: A Guide to Healing from Divorce or a Heart Wrenching Breakup by Starting Over, Rediscovering You, & Crushing Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment. Visit her at

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  1. Senica – thanks for this thoughtful and to-the-point reminder of the importance of letting go what doesn’t make you feel good and taking in those encounters and energies that fill you up in a positive manner.

  2. Thank You and I love this reading it makes brings a lot of meaning to life . Forgiveness can be so hard to practice and also is essential to health physical and mental health . I can’t wait to read more of you writings . XOSL

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