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A long time advocate for unity and peace, Sophia Love tells us, "we are the Ones we've been waiting for". Her work explores the truth that we get the world we believe. She is a voice for empowerment and agape; loving yourself unconditionally.  She’s opened an alternative school, home schools her children, is a writer, teacher and video producer. Find her books and blogs at

The One You’re Waiting For

Fall in love with yourself. This is it. You are here now on purpose, in this unique, exquisite body with your brilliant mind and enormous heart. Burst out of the constraints of "should" and "have to" and just "be". Gracefully dance into freedom. You are here to love. The hardest person for you to love is reading these words right now. Let go of all your evidence for imperfection, today. You are perfect where you stand. What you don't have, you don't need. Unconditionally and absolutely say yes to love, every time, with no exceptions and without judgment. Experience the freedom of agape, unconditional self…

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