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Fall in love with yourself. This is it. You are here now on purpose, in this unique, exquisite body with your brilliant mind and enormous heart. Burst out of the constraints of “should” and “have to” and just “be”. Gracefully dance into freedom.

You are here to love. The hardest person for you to love is reading these words right now. Let go of all your evidence for imperfection, today. You are perfect where you stand. What you don’t have, you don’t need.

Unconditionally and absolutely say yes to love, every time, with no exceptions and without judgment. Experience the freedom of agape, unconditional self love, right now.

This kind of love depends on no one but you. Once you open your heart and accept yourself, the rest of us come flooding in! Your life will explode with affection and the capacity of your heart will astound you.

There are no limits to the love that you are or to the love that you have to give. There is nothing you can do that will disappoint our creator. There is nothing you can do that will stop the flow of love. Your task in this life is to catch up with this vision. Like a dam in the river, you’ve been attempting to structure the form and speed and amount of love, only accepting some here and there, where it fits just right, looks the part or is deserved.

Let your guard down and release your hold on love. Judgment is unnecessary, you are okay. This is the deepest truth and your joy when you feel it is evidence. Pay attention to the rush through your body as you acknowledge these words – “I love you absolutely“.

You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. Gently set your self-judgments down and absorb this feeling of adoration. This will set you free. Everything up until now has been a rehearsal for this moment. These have not been mistakes or wasted moments, they have been rehearsals. Your time is here.

Love yourself without condition and your heart will be always full. With a full heart, life becomes miraculous – and this is how it is meant to be lived.

You are the one you are waiting for.

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A long time advocate for unity and peace, Sophia Love tells us, "we are the Ones we've been waiting for". Her work explores the truth that we get the world we believe. She is a voice for empowerment and agape; loving yourself unconditionally.  She’s opened an alternative school, home schools her children, is a writer, teacher and video producer. Find her books and blogs at

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  1. I think it’s funny that right under this article of loving your self is an ad of how to Make Him Fall In Love. I find it a bit contradictory. It defeats the purpose of the article trying to help you believe all you really need is inside yourself. How can we be happy with ourselves when everywhere we look there is someone trying to convince us we aren’t whole without a partner. Rather depressing.

    1. An interesting observation… That belief system is what our self esteem is “up against”… its a non productive mind set, leading to self defeating thoughts and “depressing” feelings. We are uniquely fascinating and creative people, able to turn anything we see around if we so desire, and view it in a way that serves us. Perhaps we are in relationships that promote growth and expansion, or maybe the only relationship that can do that is the one we are having with ourselves.

      The fact that you pointed that out suggests you are completely conscious of both, which is where we all must start. Thanks for your insight!

  2. Beautifully said, Sophia! I particularly thrilled when I read these lines: “Once you open your heart and accept yourself, the rest of us come flooding in! Your life will explode with affection and the capacity of your heart will astound you.” Yay and cheers to that!

  3. I love it and it starts with self and positive thinking and a positive mindset!!! You HAVE to love yourself first unconditionally in irser t give that to someone else IF you can’t THEN that’s when self-love is contradictory because if you can’t love yourself then who else can, should or will???

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