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Stacy is an authentic gifted communicator, visionary, passionate about truth, a risk taker, fun loving, wife, friend and most importantly the daughter of the Most High King, Jesus Christ.

Stacy is also the founder and President of Active Christian Media and hosts an online radio show and also is a clinically trained marriage & family therapist and life coach.

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Finding Gold

In my many years working as a counselor and pursuing truth, there are two things I know for sure. First, we all need each other like the ocean needs the sand, and second, learning to be authentic is a task that requires truth, courage and commitment. So often in life people try to pursue a quick fix to their problems, and the truth is that any real problem worthy of being solved, does not and will not ever happen overnight. Finding gold takes time. Finding gold takes patience. Finding gold takes others. The gold I'm referring to is not the…

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