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In my many years working as a counselor and pursuing truth, there are two things I know for sure. First, we all need each other like the ocean needs the sand, and second, learning to be authentic is a task that requires truth, courage and commitment.

So often in life people try to pursue a quick fix to their problems, and the truth is that any real problem worthy of being solved, does not and will not ever happen overnight. Finding gold takes time. Finding gold takes patience. Finding gold takes others.

The gold I’m referring to is not the literal gold we find hidden in the caves of the earth or the river bottom. The gold I’m referring to is the authenticity we all desire but so few are willing to work for. There is a cost to being real, just as there is a cost to saving your soul.

Jesus didn’t carry his cross alone, he had a friend help Him carry the cross. In like manner, none of us can become real without the help of others.

The relationship is the cure. First your relationship with your Creator, and second your relationship with others.

Take time daily to nurture your relationship with God. Tell Him all about your day, your feelings, your thoughts, your fears and your joys. Thank Him for everything you are and will be.

After you’re done thanking Him, go and serve someone else and offer them your best. Be a friend to the lonely. Give to those who can’t give back to you. Bless people in secret. Trust that injustices will be taken care of by God, and always forgive.

Be authentic in the moment, and experience your feelings when they are hurt, as well as when they are overwhelming joy. Let people see your heart, but never harden your heart.

Realize some people may not understand you being real. That’s okay, it’s usually because they aren’t used to being around an authentic person who is not ashamed to show their brokenness or strength.

Weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Be real without hurting others, but instead lead by your example. Let people know that you love them as they are and that there is gold inside of them that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

There is only one you, and you were designed for His purpose. Live with integrity and authenticity for those you see, but even more for those you don’t know who are watching you. And offer the hard earned gold from your life to others for free.

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Stacy is an authentic gifted communicator, visionary, passionate about truth, a risk taker, fun loving, wife, friend and most importantly the daughter of the Most High King, Jesus Christ.

Stacy is also the founder and President of Active Christian Media and hosts an online radio show and also is a clinically trained marriage & family therapist and life coach.

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  1. Oh, Stacy dear–could you feel me crawling up in your lap and hugging on you? Your sweet words opened my heart so wide, I almost toppled over. It gave new meaning to the expression “she is all heart” because that is how I feel right now…because your words so resonated with my Inner Being. Blessings on you and yours…Char Potterbaum

  2. Thank you, Stacy! I only print out a few of these that really touch me, and yours is one of them. I glue them into my journal, so I can go back and be re-inspired. Lisa

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