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We gravitate towards what we contemplate, so believe the best about everyone.

Constantly extend grace, kindness and forgiveness to all mankind.

Until we know who we are and why we were created, we risk the temptation of allowing other things and other people to define our worth.

Feelings can keep us from accomplishing our purpose; since we can’t change the way we feel, we have to learn how to change the way we think.

God invites us to align our thoughts with His.

One of the greatest gaps existing in life is the gap between knowing and doing.

To live our purpose, we must take steps in the right direction in order to end at the right destination.

Though our past shapes us, it does not need to define us.

We rarely takes steps toward positive change until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change.

Our worth doesn’t reside in a man’s validation but in in the unmistakable testimony of who God says we are.

Faith isn’t conjuring up a noble notion and asking God to bless it; faith simply aligns itself with God’s purpose for our life and follows after it.

Faith isn’t contingent on the outcome of our circumstances; faith resides in the unshakable confidence of who we are and God’s good intent towards us.

No man (or woman) is perfect. Expecting a person to be perfect is not only unrealistic, but it also sets us up for failure.

Transformation occurs when we look inward and decide, “What’s my part? How can I help? How do I need to change?”

Our beliefs shape our actions. No one can consistently operate outside the congruency of their thoughts and expect to maintain integrity to an idea or good notion. It’s impossible.

Transformation takes place within our own heart, individually. We cannot change another person. We are responsible for our own life and actions.

Bring out the best in man by choosing to remember him by his best moments, not his worst.

We cannot give what we do not possess.

Serve instead of expecting to be served.

Speak words of gratitude instead of complaint.

Seek to understand instead of insisting to be understood.

Focus on all the things you love about someone, not all the ways they need to change.

Verbalize all the things you love about someone instead of all the things that are lacking.

When we focus only on our needs, we inevitably find ourselves on the short end, needing and feeling short-changed. However, the more we concentrate on fulfilling the needs of others, the more we feel fulfilled.

Transformation requires letting go of offenses and extending forgiveness.

Transformation believes and brings out the best in others.

Transformation applies knowledge with action.

The problem isn’t in our desires, but to whom we allocate our expectations to meet those desires. Until we fill our God-sized vacuum with God’s Spirit, we will sabotage our relationships with unrealistic expectations.

Transformation takes time. It requires my concentrated attention and intentional actions. It is a result of an ongoing process; it’s more than an event.

Transformation occurs when we fully realize God loves us passionately and designed us on purpose for a purpose.

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Julie Gorman is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She is also a licensed LIFEPLAN facilitator with the Paterson Center. She and her husband Greg write, produce, and host a weekly Broadcast, Two Are Better than One, on the Purpose Focused Network, and is the founder of Married For A Purpose. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible with minors in Pastoral Ministries and Communications.

Julie has been featured on National Syndicated Radio and TV Outlets with Moody Radio, Life Today with James Randall Robison, Life Love And Family with Dr. Tim Clinton, and many others. She is the author of What I Wish My Mother had Told Me About Men, What I Wish My Mother had Told Me About Marriage. She co-authored her two newest book Married for a Purpose: New Habits of Thinking for a Higher Way of Living Two Are Better than One ... God has a Purpose for Your Marriage.

Although grateful for her opportunities as a writer and speaker, Julie remains most passionate about her role as wife and best friend to her husband of over 20 years, Greg, and a mother to their three children, Courtney, Sommer and Joshua.

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    1. Thank you for the opportunity! What a powerful inspiration to challenge a writer or thought leader to condense their thoughts to 500 words! BRILLIANT indeed!

    2. Hi Julie, I really liked this comment:
      “Bring out the best in man by choosing to remember him by his best moments, not his worst.” I need to work on this. Thank you for including in on your article.
      Barb Hicks

      1. Barb–Whew…this is one of those principles I have to be reminded of, especially when someone cuts me off in traffic. 🙂

  1. Great post. So encouraging and filled with wisdom.

    Appreciated this comment especially …

    Faith isn’t contingent on the outcome of our circumstances; faith resides in the unshakable confidence of who we are and God’s good intent towards us.

    Awesome. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Ann! Truly one of my more favorite GUIDELINES for life. When doubt, fear or worry raise their ugly mugs, I remind myself of this timeless truth!

    1. George Washington Carver was cited as having discovered 300 significant purposes for a peanut…just think…if God can reveal 300 reasons for a peanut, surely He has a plan and purpose for our life!

    1. Thanks, Harvest Ministry. It truly was a privilege to share today. “Inspire Me Today’s” challenge to condense my thoughts to 500 words was an inspiration, personally!

    1. Thanks, Greg. Likewise, your thoughts always inspire. You should take a moment to “Become a Luminary” and make a submission.

    1. Daphne, thank you for taking a moment to leave a comment. Loved the challenge of condensing my thoughts to 500 words…a practice I hope to continue to cultivate each year…to round out the year!

  2. Wonderful combination of insight, truth and inspiration! Would love to be reminded of these truths often. Can I get these on a flip calendar? 🙂

  3. Ah, Julie–that is quite a juicy meal you served up for us today…it was even better than a chocolate bar! I intend to print this out and then cut it up into bite size pieces and put them into a pretty box or jar so I can pull out one a day and think on it in my “mulling over” place…rich wisdom like this needs to be “savored”–thank you for sharing…I already suggested this to my loved ones on Facebook…

  4. Beautiful. The world needs these simple truths. We hear so much of the opposite from the media that these simple truths end up seeming quite difficul to wrap our minds around. Thank you for sharing!!! 😀

  5. Thank you for those powerful words and inspiration, checked out the book, and can’t wait to get it.
    well, it’s never to late!

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