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Stephanie Kathan is a Visionary, Author, Talk Show Host, Spiritual Speaker, Workshop Leader, and a Sought after Energy Alignment Specialist.

Making her own journey from Despair to Aware, Stephanie has transformed from a homeless waitress with a misunderstood diagnosis to being a Spiritual Maverick in the personal growth industry, creating ripples of Awareness with some of the finest minds in the world.

As an Energy Alignment Specialist, Stephanie shares her gifts with deliberate creators world wide, who seek alignment with the fullest version of who they are.

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Choose to Create Your Dream

One of the most important things I've learned from life, is that I'm a powerful creator... and so are you. Our creative power is alive in our imagination. When you imagine the worst, you create the emotion of worry. When you imagine the best, you create the emotion of hope. We do this all day long, or emotions and imagination working in tandem, most of us never even realizing it. Every time you say I AM, you are using your imagination as you declare the image of what you believe yourself to be in that moment, and then you experience…

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