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Stephanie Marrone is a life coach and writer. She empowers and inspires others from all walks of life. Stephanie offers her clients positive support so that they may transform from merely existing to living a great life-a life they can feel passionate about. Stephanie is sought after for her fun, warm, friendly and kind demeanor combined with an empathetic heart and zest for life.

Stephanie's teachings stem from her own journey through life having suffered from debilitating depression. Stephanie attributes her healing to that of listening to her higher power and the desires of her heart and soul. She is driven by her immense attitude of gratitude and the passion to infuse and illuminate the world with light, love, and healing.

Prior to coaching, Stephanie spent over 10 years as an executive assistant mainly in the healthcare sector managing the time of busy executives. She knows what it takes to get positive results.

Stephanie received her coach training and certification through Coach Training Alliance, which is an ICF accredited coach training program. She has served on the board of the International Coach Federation (ICF)-New York City Chapter. She has just recently joined as a member of BraveHeart Women.

One of Stephanie's favorite mentors is Regina Thomashauer, founder of the Mama Gena's School of the Womanly Arts (SWA). Stephanie graduated from the SWA's mastery program and a year later was a volunteer for the program.

Stephanie resides in Massachusetts. Aside from her professional passions, she enjoys spending quality time with her life partner, Michael. Her other favorite pastimes are spending time with close friends, peers, reading anything and everything on personal transformation, love, professional development, walking, yoga, singing, belly dancing and writing. Some of Stephanie's other favorite mentors are Joe Nunziata, Sharon Wilson, Heather Dominick, Eva Gregory, and Jeanna Gabellini.

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