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Stuart K Robinson is a sought-after, powerful and entertaining motivational speaker and author, inspiring people around the world with his “New Rules of Thinking.” CEO and co-owner of one of L.A.’s top talent agencies and Executive Vice President of a nation-wide business franchise, Stuart knows first-hand how to build a successful business and fulfilling life. Stuart’s own compelling personal success story is inspiration to others to find success and joy in their lives.

His most recent book “It All Begins with "I" offers concepts for all of us to reach our personal goals.

In his dynamic speaking engagements, Stuart offers a lively and entertaining event that can change lives. After the inevitable standing ovation, audiences are left with words like “awesome,” “life-changing,” “incredibly inspirational.”

His many years in the entertainment industry have garnered awards and recognition as director, producer, actor, composer/pianist and writer on stage, in movies and television. Stuart has helmed productions for PBS, the Disney Channel, Off-Broadway, and Washington DC, where the keynote speaker was President Barack Obama. Considered one of Hollywood’s top acting coaches, Stuart has helped hundreds of actors and businesspeople in his Robinson Creative Lab, making them more effective in their lives and careers.

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Your Dreams Are Waiting For You

Hello, old friend. (Yes, you. Really. You… reading this) We are writing to you because we miss spending quality time with you. Who are we? Your dreams — your unbridled zest for life, your spark of greatness. Did you even notice we’ve been missing? Sure, we drop in occasionally on birthdays, Christmas morning; sometimes we ride rollercoasters with you at theme parks. But, didn’t you know we’re supposed to be with you every day, every moment, even now? When you were very young, we were your constant companions, though that seems so long ago now. Granted, you’re not always miserable…

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