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Hello, old friend.
(Yes, you. Really. You… reading this)
We are writing to you because we miss spending quality time with you.
Who are we? Your dreams — your unbridled zest for life, your spark of greatness.

Did you even notice we’ve been missing? Sure, we drop in occasionally on birthdays, Christmas morning; sometimes we ride rollercoasters with you at theme parks. But, didn’t you know we’re supposed to be with you every day, every moment, even now? When you were very young, we were your constant companions, though that seems so long ago now. Granted, you’re not always miserable without us; and in time, you actually come to believe that we should only visit on special occasions. But ask yourself, as the wonderful poet, Mary Oliver, asks:

“Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”

Why, you ask, did we go away? Well, you sent us away. Because you are in charge of when we appear. You choose your dreams. And you decide whether you believe they are valid. Zest for life is available whenever you determine the time is right. And anytime you call on your spark of greatness, we appear. Why do you wait to call on us?

Your parents are to blame? Your boss? Your income? The government? Your significant other? Don’t you realize those people are beyond your control — you (and we) are the only factors you can control. If you really want that fluttery feeling in your belly, that anticipation of wonderful things, you have only to decide you want it. What other measure of your joy and fulfillment is there but how you feel? And you are in charge of how you feel — even as you work that difficult job, sort out that relationship problem, and even as you recover from a stinging disappointment or devastating loss. You are in charge of how you feel.

And since you have to go through these things anyway (it’s unavoidable; life can be tough) why not keep us, the dreams to which you aspire, your exquisite joy in every moment, and the knowledge that a spark of greatness exists in you, close at hand? What are you waiting for? We didn’t go away… you sent us away. And you can call us back. Do it now.

If you feel we are lost, come and find us. Don’t wait for joy to somehow find its way to you. The Fed Ex driver will not drop off your dreams on the doorstep.

And please know, no praise from others, award, or paycheck will define the greatness in you, until YOU do. Stop listening to that voice in your head telling you dreams are meant for others. We are your true birthright. And only you can claim us. All you have to do is make the choice.

Choose joy. Right now.
Pursue your dreams.
Believe in your capacity for greatness.

Getting goosebumps? Trust your goosebumps.
We want to come home.

We miss you.

We need you.

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Stuart K Robinson is a sought-after, powerful and entertaining motivational speaker and author, inspiring people around the world with his “New Rules of Thinking.” CEO and co-owner of one of L.A.’s top talent agencies and Executive Vice President of a nation-wide business franchise, Stuart knows first-hand how to build a successful business and fulfilling life. Stuart’s own compelling personal success story is inspiration to others to find success and joy in their lives.

His most recent book “It All Begins with "I" offers concepts for all of us to reach our personal goals.

In his dynamic speaking engagements, Stuart offers a lively and entertaining event that can change lives. After the inevitable standing ovation, audiences are left with words like “awesome,” “life-changing,” “incredibly inspirational.”

His many years in the entertainment industry have garnered awards and recognition as director, producer, actor, composer/pianist and writer on stage, in movies and television. Stuart has helmed productions for PBS, the Disney Channel, Off-Broadway, and Washington DC, where the keynote speaker was President Barack Obama. Considered one of Hollywood’s top acting coaches, Stuart has helped hundreds of actors and businesspeople in his Robinson Creative Lab, making them more effective in their lives and careers.

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  1. LOVE this, Stuart! What a beautiful way with words you have! I especially love: “Don’t wait for joy to somehow find its way to you. The Fed Ex driver will not drop off your dreams on the doorstep.” So true!
    As an author, I know this oh-so well.
    Just loved this. Thank You!

  2. Thank you, Susan & Ron. At my speaking engagements, many are at first reluctant- “dreams?…me?” But inevitably people realize that joy and fulfillment… right now…are ours to realize. We have the power in our hands. I wish you the best.

    1. That’s funny, I was thinking about you a few days ago and that i needed to check in. This is a great post! Per usual your words are very inspiring! Especially now…and im no just referring to the “business”. We’re about to embark into a whole new world.

  3. Dreams are only another disappointment in life. I do not want or need anymore dissapointments. That’s why I sent you away.

  4. Believe me, JS, I know the pain of disappointment. Feels like I can hardly breathe. Yet, so does living in fear. I tell myself, rather than giving up on dreams, I will work to get better and better at handling the inevitable disappointments. My fear of “drowning’ teaches me to become a better lifeguard rather than avoid the pool. Like my favorite dentist said, “This WILL hurt a bit, but if you allow the discomfort, good things are coming.” Please hang in there.

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