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Susan Sosbe was born in London in 1946. She is a trained nurse, teacher and writer. Nursing was the only acceptable channel at the time for the healing gift that she had since childhood, but it was not until after the early death of her husband that doors strangely opened, allowing her to use her gift to its full potential. Through her work as healer, counsellor and speaker to various groups, she has inspired many in England and abroad to realize their own potential and discover their own path.

Susan has been aware of her earthly purpose since childhood. However, it is only through the lessons learnt and the wisdom attained on her own turbulent journey, when she understood for the first time the true nature of suffering - that fulfilment of that purpose has been truly possible. It is this wisdom that is shared in her book “Reflections-Beyond Thought”, as a profound message emerges from within its pages.

Susan has lived in Kuwait, Norway and France but now living in the Cotswolds in the UK, through her talks and writing, she continues to dedicate herself to the humble role as messenger of hope and peace.

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Peace Begins with Me

I don’t need five hundred words to share with the world the most precious wisdom attained in my lifetime. My message is simple - "Peace begins with me." These few words are so simple, yet they contain a message so profound as to be the only key to the utopia our troubled world seeks. Words cannot open doors, but when we receive them with our hearts, we will perceive them with our minds in perfect harmony. Almost from the time we gain the ability to process thought, we set forth on a journey that takes us further and further away…

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