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I don’t need five hundred words to share with the world the most precious wisdom attained in my lifetime. My message is simple – “Peace begins with me.”

These few words are so simple, yet they contain a message so profound as to be the only key to the utopia our troubled world seeks. Words cannot open doors, but when we receive them with our hearts, we will perceive them with our minds in perfect harmony.

Almost from the time we gain the ability to process thought, we set forth on a journey that takes us further and further away from the beautiful destination we seek. As we mistakenly journey outwards rather than inwards, we begin to feel lost and disorientated. Fear rises within us and we become embroiled in greed, criticism, judgments, hatred, and disquiet. Every aspect of our lives becomes a hurdle to clear and an enemy to fight.

‘If only things were different,’ we scream, as we view the errors of the world and its effects upon us, as our enemies. ‘I could be happy then… I would find peace.’ We believe so strongly that we must find this beautiful state rather than just experiencing – being it – that we frequently miss its serene presence.

Few of us realize that the only enemy any of us have is ourselves. Until we understand that, we can never truly experience peace because that which we are becomes enshrouded so deeply in all that we are not, that peace is prevented from expressing itself. Most of us are not aware that we live our lives in constant fear, the absolute polar opposite to the nature of our own divine essence – the polar opposite to love and peace.

Even within the family unit we squabble and fight, trying to prove ourselves right all the time, trying to gain power over the other. Our constant drive for power is the result of fear – fear that is itself fed by our misguided survival strategies. Unless we are guided away from this mistaken view of ourselves and the world around us, our childlike perceptions follow us into the ‘grown-up’ world.

We cannot change people; the way others think, act or behave. We can’t change the weather or prevent that which has passed, but we can change the world. Everyone’s idea of peace is different but peace is not a concept; it is the reality of our own identity and in accordance to its own nature – cannot exist in the presence of fear. Fear is a powerful, destructive, negative emotion whose energy is fueled by our anticipation of what may happen but probably won’t. Fear can only be regenerated by its own survival. Peace is a beautiful empowering energy that sits within our hearts, always in quiet acceptance of where we are now – at this moment.

That which I am is Peace and is constant. When I am still – I know this. When I am still – I know that Peace begins with me – right now.

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Susan Sosbe was born in London in 1946. She is a trained nurse, teacher and writer. Nursing was the only acceptable channel at the time for the healing gift that she had since childhood, but it was not until after the early death of her husband that doors strangely opened, allowing her to use her gift to its full potential. Through her work as healer, counsellor and speaker to various groups, she has inspired many in England and abroad to realize their own potential and discover their own path.

Susan has been aware of her earthly purpose since childhood. However, it is only through the lessons learnt and the wisdom attained on her own turbulent journey, when she understood for the first time the true nature of suffering - that fulfilment of that purpose has been truly possible. It is this wisdom that is shared in her book “Reflections-Beyond Thought”, as a profound message emerges from within its pages.

Susan has lived in Kuwait, Norway and France but now living in the Cotswolds in the UK, through her talks and writing, she continues to dedicate herself to the humble role as messenger of hope and peace.

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  1. I read your piece and I had to write. I am the co-founder of a non-profit called “peace begins with me.” I like to call it the world’s smallest peace project because it’s purpose to remind individuals of their ability to choose peace for themselves, in this moment. I have had two books published that point at this theme (“…and she sparkled”, and “peace in peace out”) and I speak as often as I can about the simple nature of peace, while knowing how challenging it can be in this world. I honor your work and am grateful you’re in the world!
    Much peace,
    Joan Steffend Brandmeier

    1. Thank you so much for your kind response Joan. Sometimes I wonder – how many ways can we say the same thing? But isn’t that just what we are all doing here – saying the same thing in a thousand ways as we try so urgently to express our own truth and fulfil our own path.
      I wish you every success for your charity and may you always experience peace.

  2. Very inspirational containing so many truth’s that we know but are so easy to forget in our busy life’s. I think I will use the final sentence as a mantra throughout the day.

    1. Thank you Susan. I agree with you and when we practice a mantra often enough it finally becomes our own truth.

      Love and peace on your path


  3. Sue
    Your words are such an inspiration to us all, there is so much wisdom in what you write, a fine lesson for us all to learn.
    Lynn Devereux.

  4. Carole
    I can only endorse what has already been said … beautiful and inspirational words which remind us of what we might know to be true but so often forget. Thank you for your special contribution and for sharing it with others.

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