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Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Holistic Life Coach, Taroist and Reiki Master. For over 30 years she has been counseling clients worldwide, providing intuitive insight to assist others in making powerful, positive choices in their lives.

Suzie teaches and mentors in the metaphysical arts, and writes horoscope columns for various magazines and website including and and Cosmopolitan.  She has hosted her own TV and radio shows, is the on air Astrologer on WSCA-FM's High Lonesome Sound, and is a featured author in the book "Radiant Living" by Dez Stephens.

A native Bostonian, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, David, and fur kids. They love to travel and are both singer/musicians and entertainers at heart!

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Recent Releases

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The Freedom of Not Knowing the Answer

Not knowing can be paralyzing. The fear of someone asking me a question I couldn't answer was overwhelming. I was driven to be the one person who knew all the answers. I learned in the corporate world that if we don't have the answer right now, some one else “smarter than” us will. It can be a career killer. We are taught that knowledge is valuable, which is wonderful, BUT, if we have core beliefs that revolve around us feeling less than, that can translate into “if I don't know enough, I am not valuable”. Somehow, along the way I…

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