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Not knowing can be paralyzing. The fear of someone asking me a question I couldn’t answer was overwhelming. I was driven to be the one person who knew all the answers. I learned in the corporate world that if we don’t have the answer right now, some one else “smarter than” us will. It can be a career killer. We are taught that knowledge is valuable, which is wonderful, BUT, if we have core beliefs that revolve around us feeling less than, that can translate into “if I don’t know enough, I am not valuable”.

Somehow, along the way I began to be ok with the fact that there is no way to know everything, to be prepared for all that life has to offer. And giving myself permission to have NO clue once in a while allowed me to bring forth knowledge and wisdom I needed in the moment. I was more relaxed and genuine. I was better able to share my thoughts when I was not constantly afraid of saying “I don’t know”. And oddly enough, I rarely get asked something I can’t answer!

Give yourself permission today to NOT know! Sometimes that’s all it takes-simply saying “It’s ok if I don’t have the answer!” No teacher is going to come along and slap your hand if you can’t answer a question or two! Breathe through that.

Today, when someone asks you a question-even if you know the answer-practice saying “I don’t know”. It’s not playing dumb, it’s empowering yourself-it’s freeing up your energy to focus elsewhere. Refuse to engage in one-upping people or letting your ego run the show by having to know it all. If someone else can provide the solution, let them. Why does it have to be your time that’s taken up with explanations? Try it!

Release the anxiety of having to know what is coming up in the future by reminding yourself that it’s none of your business! Remember those tough times when you couldn’t see how something so challenging led you to the most amazing outcome? Call on your faith and hold onto it. Repeat “I don’t know where this is leading, but I trust when I come through it, I will be happy, joyous and free!”.

Let “I don’t know” be your mantra for a positive day. Allow Spirit to work its magic to show you the right and perfect direction to go in. When we release the need to have all the answers, miracles happen! Let “I don’t know” take you on an exciting journey through your day!

Today, ask the Universe to surprise you with a gift-whether it’s a message spoken through someone else, something to see, animal totems…just something to let you know that you’ve got an endless connection and in that endless connection lies grace, peace, joy, and freedom. Remember to say “Thank you” when you get your signs! And thank Spirit for the gift of “I don’t know”.

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Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Holistic Life Coach, Taroist and Reiki Master. For over 30 years she has been counseling clients worldwide, providing intuitive insight to assist others in making powerful, positive choices in their lives.

Suzie teaches and mentors in the metaphysical arts, and writes horoscope columns for various magazines and website including and and Cosmopolitan.  She has hosted her own TV and radio shows, is the on air Astrologer on WSCA-FM's High Lonesome Sound, and is a featured author in the book "Radiant Living" by Dez Stephens.

A native Bostonian, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, David, and fur kids. They love to travel and are both singer/musicians and entertainers at heart!

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  1. I too discovered both the art of saying “I don’t know” and also saying “no thank you Id rather not” to invitations I once would have felt ‘obliged’ to accept. It is very empowering and also creating space for someone else too know is a gift to them. I enjoyed your piece you have explained it better than I have done so far! thank you xx

  2. Suzie, thank you so much for the reminder! One of my biggest problems in life that I have had to tackle is to surrender to Spirit. I had a stroke in 2011 and working towards full recovery. What it has taught me is to give up my need to control my whole being, to relinquish my need to be right and to make things work the way I want them to. Now I try to do my part and let Spirit take over. BTW, I am also a Reiki master and a Taroist. 🙂

  3. Ive always been proud of myself for asking questions when I don’t know the answer,or,the way to proceed.I’ve learned that my bosses over the years,appreciate honesty.
    I look at life as a ever learning student.The line between confidence and ego can easily be blurred/muddled.It takes the heat off me,when I find my place as the worker bee…not the Queen.Time,hard work,dedication and experience will someday lead me to the top of whatever craft I’m pursuing. I enjoy being the indian,not the chief!


    1. I recall a very wise individual telling me to always remember that Spirit is my boss, not the person in the biggest office. I’m always just a part of the grand picture. Thanks for the comment!

  4. I enjoyed your inspiration today. Thank you for putting that out there for all to consider. Self talk in a positive way will always be the answer.
    So, today I wish you well on your journey and appreciate your sharing!

  5. Thank you ! It is also a freedom to be able to say, “I don’t know” for the true reason or for avoiding mixing other people business.

  6. This has been a massive wake up call and aha moment for me. I have exhausted myself by trying to know all the answers and always felt the pressure to know them or if not, it was the career killer situation. I did not want to be a know it all, I just wanted to been seen as valuable – which I now see is a pretty dismal perspective. As part of a large organization, I am the “go to” person for answers and I have tried to be helpful and where I did not know the answer, I searched and searched. Sometimes, there was thanks, sometimes not – only more work now that I was the “subject matter expert”. So thank you for this post. I will implement it from today. I am becoming disillusioned with the corporate world anyway so maybe this is the sign I needed to follow a path that opens me up to more creative self fulfilling opportunities.

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