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For over 18 years, Terry Torok, Producer, Live from Earth Entertainment, has been involved in Entertainment Media; from MTV to ABC, Concert Sponsorship, from Rolling Stones to Elton John. Brand positioning; from Pepsi to VISA, and leading Ideations for Sony Pictures to Discovery Channel and working with a variety of A-list Celebrities from Kevin Bacon to George Clooney.

In the most recent years, Terry has been on-location, quietly experiencing and filming peace projects and humanitarian efforts in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world. Having spent time with UN Ambassadors and World Summits and a volunteer with, the United Nations and Building with Books, the most rewarding experiences were small, hands-on projects with schools and students and ideas that add up to models of success to connect donors and student with a world of peaceful possibilities.

He is currently Chief Innovation Officer of Enactus worldwide.

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What If…?

What if we could be here for the moment, be right here in this moment? It's just the world seems to be spinning fast, faster than ever, and we're still here on this ride, traveling at 66,000 miles per hour through space, 106,000+ kilometers per hour; it would be good to hang on for a moment, to feel right at home, just to be free from-- hang on it's a call-- free from distractions, stress, free from fear, blame... What if we had some kind of unlimited energy? Some kind of fuel, that when you use it, more comes right…

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