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For over 18 years, Terry Torok, Producer, Live from Earth Entertainment, has been involved in Entertainment Media; from MTV to ABC, Concert Sponsorship, from Rolling Stones to Elton John. Brand positioning; from Pepsi to VISA, and leading Ideations for Sony Pictures to Discovery Channel and working with a variety of A-list Celebrities from Kevin Bacon to George Clooney.

In the most recent years, Terry has been on-location, quietly experiencing and filming peace projects and humanitarian efforts in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world. Having spent time with UN Ambassadors and World Summits and a volunteer with, the United Nations and Building with Books, the most rewarding experiences were small, hands-on projects with schools and students and ideas that add up to models of success to connect donors and student with a world of peaceful possibilities.

He is currently Chief Innovation Officer of Enactus worldwide.

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