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Tom Cladis, alias: The Midnight Rider, is a Christian, a writer, provocateur, free-thinker, thrill-seeker, adventurer, warrior, and certified alligator wrestler, who keeps his sail set for the far horizon and thrills to the splash of seawater across the bow. Additionally, Tom is an ordained minister, who has officiated at 40 weddings in the last 15 years. He challenges everyone he meets to open their minds, dangling as a carrot freedom from all self-imposed limits. He likes to jump – off of cliffs, out of hot air balloons and airplanes, and off the edge of all that is known into the Unknown, where he is sure that one of two things will happen: either he will find something solid on which to stand, or he will be taught to fly. In his day-to-day life, Tom is a Vice President of Institutional Services at Gill Capital, and he publishes a daily newsletter called, “The Midnight/Morning Rider.”

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Have Faith in Your Next Adventure

Dear fellow human being, You are standing on the shore of your next great adventure, looking out to sea as Columbus did more than 500 years ago. Everyone kept telling him that he would fall off the end of the world and surely die, but he refused to believe them, and he remained true to his convictions. And, he was right! The world is not flat, no matter what anyone tells you. Always set your sail for the far horizon, and embrace the splash of seawater across the bow! Don’t ever drop anchor, because that’s where limits come from. Don't…

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