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Dear fellow human being,

You are standing on the shore of your next great adventure, looking out to sea as Columbus did more than 500 years ago. Everyone kept telling him that he would fall off the end of the world and surely die, but he refused to believe them, and he remained true to his convictions. And, he was right! The world is not flat, no matter what anyone tells you. Always set your sail for the far horizon, and embrace the splash of seawater across the bow!

Don’t ever drop anchor, because that’s where limits come from. Don’t ever shy away from doing something for fear of what might go wrong. Choose to focus only on what you want to happen, and then go out and make it happen! Jump off that cliff, jump into the volcano, and know that when you do, you will be taught to fly.

Yes, human beings can fly – the only reason we don’t is because we think it’s impossible. But, Jesus told us that if we had faith and did not doubt (Him), nothing would be impossible for us. Make no mistake – Jesus was not kidding. So, have faith. Don’t just believe in Him, believe Him, too. Keep your mind open to all possibilities, and, therefore, to God.

Remember, nothing is impossible through God; we bring limits upon ourselves. God is limitless, and through Him, everything is possible. As you set sail, the waves will rise against you from time to time, but this will be to your advantage, because a smooth sea never made a skillful mariner!

Heed the words of Lou Holtz: “Don’t tell me how rocky the sea is, just bring the darned boat in!” Stormy seas are not the only crisis that will confront you – there are all sorts of crises in the journey of life, even crises within.

The Chinese symbol for crisis combines the symbols for “danger” and “opportunity.” The opportunity in every situation is to choose to turn to God, and to get closer to Him… because His is the transformative power that turns danger into opportunity.

Ask and you will receive, He says. When you do, His Spirit will course through your veins and will enable you to rise above any tumult, external or internal. And that which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger! The choice to turn to God and live, or to turn away from Him and die, is up to you. Again, choose wisely!

May you always focus on the opportunity that every step in the journey affords, and may you always have the passion to stay focused through all that would distract you. and as you plunge your oars into the limitless sea of living freely – beyond the prison walls of doubt, fear, and disbelief – forging your way to the New World of your choosing, pay attention to every moment, and let these seven words, from Winston Churchill’s speech to the preparatory class from which he graduated 70 years before, be your constant companion: “Never, never, never, never, never give in!”

~ Tom

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Tom Cladis, alias: The Midnight Rider, is a Christian, a writer, provocateur, free-thinker, thrill-seeker, adventurer, warrior, and certified alligator wrestler, who keeps his sail set for the far horizon and thrills to the splash of seawater across the bow. Additionally, Tom is an ordained minister, who has officiated at 40 weddings in the last 15 years. He challenges everyone he meets to open their minds, dangling as a carrot freedom from all self-imposed limits. He likes to jump – off of cliffs, out of hot air balloons and airplanes, and off the edge of all that is known into the Unknown, where he is sure that one of two things will happen: either he will find something solid on which to stand, or he will be taught to fly. In his day-to-day life, Tom is a Vice President of Institutional Services at Gill Capital, and he publishes a daily newsletter called, “The Midnight/Morning Rider.”

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  1. Love the advice to always focus on the opportunity of each step of the journey and not on what could go wrong. Inspired!

    1. Like Peter’s journey across the water – while he was focused on everything being possible through faith, he strode on top of the water. When that gust of wind came up, and he shifted his focus (onto what could go wrong), even for just the blink of an eye, he fell into the sea. The true challenge is to have the passion to stay focused despite being bombarded by Doubt every step of the way.

    1. Crises force us to make a choice. For example, whether consciously or not, we’ve chosen to believe that we cannot fly. Faced with the crisis of a parachute not opening while skydiving, the skydiver choosing to survive will learn to fly (by simultaneously choosing to reject the notion that (s)he cannot fly).

  2. Yes, reach. Reach beyond what you believe you can do and see what God can do. But also don’t be afraid to sit still. God also speaks when we just put off distractions and sit and listen for his voice. :O)

    1. When He created us, God forged a partnership with His children: His part of the deal is to give us access to His authority over all things; our part of the deal is to have faith, as a mustard seed. God continues to do His part – we continue to drop the ball. In those quiet moments, we need to reconnect with God in order that the conduit through which His authority flows – faith – also is reconnected. Then, as Jesus says (Matthew 17:20), nothing will be impossible for us.

  3. I have just read this (October 30) because, although being a great Tom Cladis fan, I have been in hospital for an extended stay. Tom’s book was in my mind and many times during that stay I remembered passages from that book. It is inspiring and thought provoking and very reassuring. Thanks again, Tom.

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