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Tom Ingrassia, president of The MotivAct Group(tm), is a success coach, motivational speaker, award-winning author and radio personality. In 2001--following a successful, 25-year career in higher education--Tom re-invented himself as a celebrity entertainment manager, fulfilling his lifelong dream of working in the entertainment industry. Using his own journey of radical re-invention as a springboard, Tom leveraged his experiences into a successful career as a motivational speaker and success coach--guiding others to live into their dreams, just as he has lived into his. Today, Tom travels the country with his motivational seminars, including Mental Massage(tm) and Making A Difference Begins With YOU!. His book, One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity by Following Your Dreams was recently recognized with a National Indie Excellence Award.

His motto is, "Learn from the turtle--it only makes progress when it sticks its neck out."

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The Courage To Follow Your Heart

During my 61 years on this earth, I have learned that living life successfully requires great courage and risk. While I think I always knew this simple truth, I didn't find the courage to follow my dreams until I was 48. And I have never looked back! My life today reflects the dreams that I had 50 years ago, when I was 11 years old. I wouldn't have the life I have today had I not taken the risk--learning from the turtle that you only make progress when you stick your neck out. We are continually faced with great opportunities…

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Sponsored: One Door Closes

Are you looking for a vehicle to break through the roadblocks and detours that have sidetracked you on life's highway? One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams presents the inspiring stories of 16 individuals from all walks of life who have triumphed over seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their dreams. They share a road map guiding readers to discover how to live life with vision, courage, determination and passion. Also included are 10 holistic self-assessment tools readers can use to design their own, personal blueprint for success. One Door Closes will help you to clarify and set your goals, and then use the power you already have within to achieve your goals. Discover how to reach your dreams and be inspired!

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