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During my 61 years on this earth, I have learned that living life successfully requires great courage and risk.

While I think I always knew this simple truth, I didn’t find the courage to follow my dreams until I was 48. And I have never looked back! My life today reflects the dreams that I had 50 years ago, when I was 11 years old. I wouldn’t have the life I have today had I not taken the risk–learning from the turtle that you only make progress when you stick your neck out.

We are continually faced with great opportunities disguised as insurmountable obstacles. I know that first hand. Opportunities may not always seem perfect at first–but if you don’t take them when they are presented, they may never come again. So seize the opportunities that are presented to you and make them your own.

If something speaks to your heart, don’t hold back. Jump! Make things happen for yourself. Step out on faith–and I mean deep-water faith. Even the most ordinary people CAN achieve extraordinary things in life–IF you believe in yourself and your dreams, have the courage to change, and persevere until you reach your dream, no matter the obstacles. And if Plan A doesn’t work out, don’t give up–go to Plan B, Plan C, etc. Who knows–there just may be an even bigger plan for you.

Vincent Van Gogh said, “I dream my painting. Then I paint my dream.” Dream the Big Dream. Identify what you are most passionate about–and then pursue that with a passion. You CAN achieve your heart’s desires–anything you want to. Don’t ever let anyone–especially yourself–tell you that your dreams are silly or unimportant. They are YOUR dreams. And every dream IS within your power to achieve.

I am living, breathing proof that dreams DO come true. So never settle for less. Never give up your dreams. Have the courage to follow your heart. Your heart will never steer you in the wrong direction, because it is through our hearts that the Universe speaks to us. And you WILL find your dream in that place where your mind meets your heart and your soul.

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Tom Ingrassia, president of The MotivAct Group(tm), is a success coach, motivational speaker, award-winning author and radio personality. In 2001--following a successful, 25-year career in higher education--Tom re-invented himself as a celebrity entertainment manager, fulfilling his lifelong dream of working in the entertainment industry. Using his own journey of radical re-invention as a springboard, Tom leveraged his experiences into a successful career as a motivational speaker and success coach--guiding others to live into their dreams, just as he has lived into his. Today, Tom travels the country with his motivational seminars, including Mental Massage(tm) and Making A Difference Begins With YOU!. His book, One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity by Following Your Dreams was recently recognized with a National Indie Excellence Award.

His motto is, "Learn from the turtle--it only makes progress when it sticks its neck out."

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  1. Believing my heart will not steer me wrong has certainly helped me to find the courage to seize opportunities when presented, embrace change and persevere. So many people never find the courage. I’m so glad you did and have decided to share your most valuable wisdom with others.

  2. I needed to hear this today. While I have been slowly but surely working on finishing my degree (at age 45…. ughhh!) I feel very little accomplishment. I need to get myself centered and remember what I am working so hard for. Also – thank you so much for your comment about your age and when you began living your dreams. You have no idea how much hope that gave me. Why is it we think life is over at 40?

    1. Does this apply the same with relationships? I would like to take the leap of a very different kind in relationships and have dreamed of this for over 20 years!

      1. Bonnie, My advice applies to all areas of life–including relationships. If something speaks to you heart, don’t hold back…JUMP. Take the risk. You will never know until you do….

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