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Dr. Tom Ventullo was born in a small town north of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating Boston College he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Tufts University. A member of many honor societies, he developed his Dental Practice to one of the largest earning dental businesses in the country.

As a father, youth sports coach and community volunteer, he became a certified Life Planning Coach and started his journey into personal development and life transformational work as a trainer, teacher and mentor.

As a leader and top earner in the Network Marketing industry , he has become a respected source for thousands of people to live lives of personal and financial freedom. His work as a seminar leader and motivational speaker has led to life transformations for thousands who attend his courses and workshops and receive his guidance.

Dr. Tom is known for his intuitive listening, and has become for many a spiritual leader and teacher. His message is one of there being a simple and accessible way to live one’s life without suffering or regret. A life of always being in the present and conscious awareness of the Trust, Grace and Peace that is there for everyone. His Life Path has guided him to where he currently lives on the northeast coast of Florida.

Creating a True Connection with Other Human Beings

I would share these four "secrets" for living: Being content and fulfilled in life does not really come from the success of your results. True contentment comes from being completely present and conscious of the experience of what you are doing in any given moment. Every relationship we encounter in our lives uncovers a part of us we need to see in order for us to become more aware of who we really are. BEING in your field of now means showing gratitude for life as it is, whatever it is and as it is. Do not mind whatever happens!…

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