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I would share these four “secrets” for living:

  1. Being content and fulfilled in life does not really come from the success of your results. True contentment comes from being completely present and conscious of the experience of what you are doing in any given moment.
  2. Every relationship we encounter in our lives uncovers a part of us we need to see in order for us to become more aware of who we really are.
  3. BEING in your field of now means showing gratitude for life as it is, whatever it is and as it is.
  4. Do not mind whatever happens!

To help you achieve these four secrets, I offer the following exercise. At first, you may think it’s just another trivial exercise. However, when you practice it as part of your life on a consistent daily basis, you will find it is absolutely the most powerful action that you could ever perform. The results have been amazing and even life-changing for my students.

Now I know some of you will try it for a few days and probably not take anything from it. And some of you will try for a few days and realize it is not about the taking from it or results that it provides you. You will find it is the state of BEING that it has you access that makes it have such a profound effect on your relationships. So here it is:

For the first three seconds of meeting someone, be in a total state of thoughtless awareness.

This goes for meeting the cashier at the store or the UPS delivery person or the teller at the bank, or even your spouse or your children for that first time greeting them in the morning.

Give them your total, unconditioned, thoughtless attention for a MINIMUM of three seconds. If you can allow longer, then do so. That means no thought, no opinion, no agenda, no judgment, no words, no nothing… for at least three seconds and longer if you are able to!

I absolutely believe that if you practice this as part of your daily habit and routine, your life will transform incredibly. You will not need to remember or know or figure out any other exercises or process or steps to anything at all. Simply do this and build upon it. You can then apply this to your connection with someone over the phone or reading an email.

Apply it to every connection with any human being. The bond, the trust, and the sense of grace and peace it will provide you will make those 3 seconds seem like the most valuable time you have ever spent in your life. It will make each and every encounter with anyone a total loving experience.

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Dr. Tom Ventullo was born in a small town north of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating Boston College he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Tufts University. A member of many honor societies, he developed his Dental Practice to one of the largest earning dental businesses in the country.

As a father, youth sports coach and community volunteer, he became a certified Life Planning Coach and started his journey into personal development and life transformational work as a trainer, teacher and mentor.

As a leader and top earner in the Network Marketing industry , he has become a respected source for thousands of people to live lives of personal and financial freedom. His work as a seminar leader and motivational speaker has led to life transformations for thousands who attend his courses and workshops and receive his guidance.

Dr. Tom is known for his intuitive listening, and has become for many a spiritual leader and teacher. His message is one of there being a simple and accessible way to live one’s life without suffering or regret. A life of always being in the present and conscious awareness of the Trust, Grace and Peace that is there for everyone. His Life Path has guided him to where he currently lives on the northeast coast of Florida.

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  1. Let others finish speaking, wholly think upon their statements, and respond to their whole thoughts rather than just eagerly mentally preparing what you have to say before the other person is even half-done speaking.

    1. Thank you. Yes, when we generate a Listening for the other persons commitments and concerns, void of our own personal agenda, we then are able to create a space in which a true connection between spiritual energies can occur. It is the energy of true Listening that can begin to create the Oneness in the World.

  2. You nailed it tom. I have been doing this for years. People like talking to me, cuz I listen to what there saying. Being in the moment, and really listening. My life today, is filed with love for humanity. Thankyou Tom.

  3. What a delight to find some of your wisdom on this amazing site. I continue to be blessed by our friendship and interaction over these many years. You are indeed a luminary.

  4. Thank you Dr. Tom for your wonderful reminder to BE FULLY HERE NOW. I have sometimes confused being content in the moment with settling for less. Through applying your patient guidance, a window to the teachings of the great masters of all time, I am reminded that clearing my mind & heart of cluttering thoughts & emotions to BE content and grateful in the moment opens me to all the possibilities that await discovery in each of these moments (ripe droplets in the sea of time). The results of applying the secrets you describe are amazing and gratifying. Knowing that you are fully present when listening to us provides a sense of profound acceptance that allows for a deep unfolding of our true nature & talents. When each of us models this fine example, we too can bring out the best in ourselves and others. I am deeply grateful for your generosity and dedication. It is an honor to be one of your visionary partners! Sincerely, Shelley

  5. Thank you for your insight and words of wisdom, Tom. You always have a way of saying profound thoughts with words that touch the/my heart.

  6. Hey Tom,

    Don’t you just love it when people receive the blessings of actually putting biblical principals into practice. Here is a passage right out of Proverbs that fits well with your thoughts. “let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the discerning get guidance—” The Bible really is our instruction manual.


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