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Trent knows how to build 7-figure businesses that support what truly matters in life, particularly family. Having been raised in a single parent household until the age of 7, he was later influenced by his committed entrepreneurial mother. Trent became very aware of the importance of creating wealth as a pathway to balancing his love of training and leadership with time for his family and personal passions.

Having watched the life of an employee during his childhood, Trent sought out mentors and coaches from the age of 19. Since then, he has pursued living his "envisioned" life. He has worked in 11 different industries in every position from shovelling dirt in mines to CEO of multi-million dollar businesses on 4 continents.

Trent’s core value of "practice what you preach" had him found and run five of his own businesses with four successes and one failure. Knowing he wanted more exposure and experience, he began coaching literally hundreds of businesses to generate 7-figures. Through hard work and a spirit of "how can I serve you", Trent has trained global franchise entities and internal business teams around the world. He has presented to conference audiences and groups of SME businesses all around Australia. He has also worked one-on-one with extremely committed clients. Trent founded Your Wealthy Heart inside his commitment to share his 7-figure formula with committed entrepreneurs around the world.

Trent operates with a "family first" attitude. He lives in a beautiful coastal town of New South Wales with his wife, three children and extended family. Trent is dedicated to his vision of "building self-worth in all people through inspiration and education" as he truly knows that this element determines who creates 7-figure wealth.

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