Tyffany Howard, the founder of The Chrysalis Center, LLC., is a spiritual speaker and teacher of spiritual principles, self-mastery, and personal growth. She also contributes in the world as a workshop and retreat leader, tapping facilitator, healer, author, artist, vegan, and member of the LGBTQ community. In 2012 and 2015, she experienced powerful spiritual awakenings by way of depression and suicidal thoughts (dark night of the soul). After these experiences, Tyffany released the prescribed outer world as a criminal defense attorney for the inner spiritual journey. While on her spiritual quest which included experiencing homelessness, Tyffany connected with her gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. Tyffany, the healer, is a vessel through which the Divine speaks, heals and changes lives. Through her writing, speaking, videos, and live group teaching experiences, Tyffany impacts, empowers, and inspires many around the world.

Coined “The Tapping Lady” by a fan, Tyffany’s first book, tap that!, is a how-to guide to tapping.  Her second tapping book was co-authored the book, Tap Into Transformation, The Spirit, Mind and Body Connection with Sandra Kimler, bestselling author, international speaker, and nutritionist.  Tyffany’s third book, a children’s tapping book, taptap!, Tracy’s hair…God made it special,is sure to be a hit with children.  Her fourth tapping book is the first of its kind; a spiritual + grief + tapping book, tap that too!, Healing the Death Trauma was released in August 2016. 

Born in Austin, Texas, Tyffany lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information, please visit www.tyffanyhoward.com

Recent Releases

Be Inspired By Your Life

We often look for inspiration outside of ourselves – from gurus, celebrities, Oprah, the Royal Family, the Pope, those who are unreachable. Inspiration has always been right in front of you and inside of you. The sun rises and sets every day without interruption and rarely do we take time to notice. What is the point? Inspiration is all around us. Today, you are where you are because you have absorbed inspiration along the way. Your third-grade teacher, your mother, a beautiful flower, the tree that you planted in your backyard, a pet, or the kids playing in the street…

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Choose to Know and Love Yourself

Dear Hearts, I write this love letter for you. To you, I say love. You are here to love. To do anything other than love goes against all that you are. Love everything and everyone---the light and the darkness, the bitter and the sweet. Choose love over hate, pettiness, the need to be right, the illusion of financial security, and all the things that don't even come close to LOVE. Because, there are no do-overs in life. You can't erase the past or get back those moments that you missed so live now. Know that each moment is a gift and…

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