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Yahaya Baruwa is a 27-year-old Nigerian-Canadian bestselling author and entrepreneur living in Toronto, Canada. His career as an author began at the age of 21 after the publication of his debut novel, Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and Tradition.

Yahaya is a dynamic individual who is as creative in his writing as in his work as an entrepreneur. Inspired by his early struggles as an unpublished author, he proceeded to establish his own publishing company, Tapestry House Publishing to produce and market his own novel. Since then, Yahaya has touched the lives of many and has gone on to sell thousands of copies of his novel and is now a bestselling author.

Today he is going after his biggest goal yet - he is printing the World’s Largest Published Novel - at 8 ft 5 in high, 5 ft 5 in wide (closed) and it will contain approx. 200 pages and have a full-color hard cover - to set a new Guinness World Record.

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Live As If It Were Impossible to Fail

Here's what I've learned in 27 years... Family is everything. It is so important that no matter what you do or where you go, keep family at the forefront. In your dealings with all, strive to be the greatest provider of Value - shun the quick profit and maintain integrity. This will bring you much honour, respect and lasting prosperity. There are so many ways in which we are often expected to govern our lives - some of these ways work and make sense; others do not work and do not make sense. The trick is to find the way…

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World’s Largest Novel Project Just Launched!

If it were impossible to fail, what would you do differently or how would you live your life? For this 27 year-old author and entrepreneur - Yahaya Baruwa - the answer is very clear. After having developed the courage to take a leap of faith and write his now bestselling novel, Struggles of a Dreamer: the Battle between a Dream and Tradition - at a very young age, this author acts as if it is impossible to fail. This seems to be the driving force behind everything he has been able to accomplish to date. One example of this, is…

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