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By Jean Adrienne.

It’s the big human question, isn’t it? We all want to be appreciated for who we are. We want to be loved. We want to be wanted. But the underlying question is, “can you get YOU?”

In order for anyone to get you, the first step has to be understanding you who are, and this comes from within. Until you get this piece, you will never be able to attract to you those people who will appreciate you for who you are. Think about it—if you don’t appreciate yourself for who you are, how can you expect the Law of Attraction to work for you? And you can’t appreciate yourself until you fully get your own truth!

Most of us believe we are who people have told us we are, starting from the time we were in diapers. We have been raised to take on the persona that we perceive to be the one that makes us desirable to others, and along with this comes a whole slew of limiting beliefs, such as “children should be seen and not heard”, “it’s not ok to speak up because I might be wrong”, “if I was just prettier (or had more money) then they would like me”, etc. The list of erroneous beliefs we carry is huge, and it shapes not only our outward persona but our inner landscape as well.

Take time today to figure out your own truth. Start with what’s important to you—those values that you would defend at any cost. These are your core values, and the basis of your true self. Examine all your beliefs. Write them down and determine for each one where you learned it. If it came from anyone outside yourself, decide whether it still serves you and is appropriate for you to carry forward. Create a mission statement for your life going forward.

Now you are in a position to start to get to know yourself. Now you can project your real self into the world, and soon enough you will realize that by getting yourself, others will as well!

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Jean Adrienne is an author, healer, teacher, and lecturer. She is a graduate of The Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. She developed and teaches the InnerSpeak Process, a methodology for clearing karmic and ancestral baggage from our past so that we can create the life we desire and deserve. She offers coaching and clearing sessions via phone as well as in her office in Tallahassee FL. She hosts Power Talk TV on

Jean Adrienne's books, Realities of CreationPower Tools: The Ultimate Owner's Manual For Personal EmpowermentReframe Your World: Conscious Living In The New Reality, and Soul Adventures, as well as two decks of oracle cards, The InnerSpeak Cards and Reconnecting Soul 142 DNA Activation Cards, are available for purchase on her website,, and in your local bookstore.

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  1. I really like this post, it makes you think about who you are as a person not I relation to anyone else. I did have a thought as I was I was reading. Sometimes, values you think you have become challenged in life. Then you must make a decision how strong those values are in how you move forward in your life. Sometimes you have to alter your hold on those values and sometimes you can’t change and you based a life decision on them. In any case, your values define you and your life.

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