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By Michael Cupo.

We all have our triggers that set our reactions in motion. To be in harmony with life, we need to learn what pulls our trigger. A reaction can not occur if the trigger isn’t pulled.

What Triggers Your Reactions?What triggers the mind from a place of peace to an agitated state? This will have to be understood if you are to go beyond the triggered control. It happens so fast that you alone can’t stop it from occurring. This is where knowledge is of no use. You can be very intelligent, but it doesn’t equate to knowing how your own mind works.

What’s needed to learn this is Divine Intervention, not in the white light sense, but in the form of meditation. When you are in the realm of the thoughtless, you are touching on the Divine. If you are not willing to develop a practice in which the mind is allowed to settle, then agitation will be the mind’s default state. And its triggers will control you as if you were the perennial puppet on a string.

Our triggers have been in place for so long, we don’t know what they are, but our reactions to life are proof that they are not only in place, but are also in control. Subtle is the foe of the person who doesn’t know their own mind for they know not what they do.

If you don’t think this is so, just look at the things that you do automatically in one single day – no, how about one single hour? Cell phone, Facebook, eating, drinking, TB, reading, posting a message , so many things are done that are a reaction to a trigger, which creates the mind agitation that starts the process in motion.

The trigger, the agitation, the reaction, the selection of what to use, the diversion from the agitation, and then the satisfaction. The only problem with this is the satisfaction only last until the next trigger causes the mind to become agitated again. And in the course of an hour, this happens maybe a few hundred times. In the course of a day who knows. But hey – you are in control of your life, are you not?

The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to learn how not to allow the triggers to set the process in motion. This is key. No triggered reaction, no process started. This takes much discipline, but the more discipline you develop, the less your conditioned triggers will control your reactions.

If you don’t develop the necessary discipline, you must resign yourself to the fact that the circumstances of life are your master and you are just along for the ride. Your life will be controlled by your triggered reactions and this is the way you choose it to be. (After all, developing discipline takes work and who has time for that?) It doesn’t have to be this way, but it will not change on its own.

To be in harmony with life, you must be in harmony with yourself, but without the necessary discipline to allow this to happen, your conditioned triggers will continue to run the show.

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My name is Michael Cupo. At the age of forty-nine I thought I had everything I’d always wanted: a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, a nice house, and a great job. By all outward appearances, I’d made it. I should have been one very happy person.

Ever since I was a child, I always felt like something wasn’t quite right, like I was never enough. As I grew up I felt isolated and alone. In my adult years I found myself addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling, and many other forms of behavior not conducive to being in harmony with life—my behavior was killing me and harming those I loved.

In this astonishingly inspirational book, I share my story of my journey of inner discoveries—with all its false starts, road blocks, relapsing, and ultimately, an overwhelmingly uplifting state of surrender, acceptance, grace, and personal peace.

Equal parts heart-wrenching memoir and an easy-to-follow guide for personal growth, It’s Monday Only in Your Mind offers us a startlingly fresh interpretation of the Twelve Steps used by many programs. Here is a valuable toolkit for anyone interested in enhancing their spiritual life, repairing relationships, finding calm, and attaining an inner sense of well-being.

Included in my book are samples of some much-cherished Daily Messages, which I share via text message and Face book with an ever expanding circle of support, a growing community of fellow seekers around the world.

It’s Monday Only in Your Mind explores life’s deepest questions (as well as recognizable real-life issues) facing everyone, and it holds the vital power to transform all of our lives each day in the most profound of ways.

Our greatest relief is to accept things the way they are.
Our greatest misgiving is wanting them to be in some other way.

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