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By Tara Taylor.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful when it comes to manifesting an outcome that we may want in our lives. Have you been paying attention to your thoughts lately? Are you thinking about what you want rather than what you do not want?

15 Perfection By RazorfrogIt’s important to make a positive daily habit of watching where our thoughts go or where our minds start to wonder to. Our thoughts play a role in how we experience our daily lives and our interactions with others. When we choose thoughts that are loving, encouraging and forgiving about ourselves and others we find that we attract people and situations that mirror those experiences.

I encourage you all to pay special attention to your thoughts this week. If you are having thoughts that are not uplifting for you or others around you, I ask that you simply choose to acknowledge the unwanted thought and take the deep breath and say within yourself:

“Thank you ego for doing your job, which is only to say the opposite of truth, I now let this unwanted thought go and I choose….. (Fill in the blank with a thought you want to have, one that is pleasant, loving and encouraging).”

When we just acknowledge the ego (that is all it really wants which is to be acknowledged for its role in your life, the ego doesn’t care if you choose its advice or not) the unwanted thought dissipates. Below is a wonderful affirmation that balances the ego:

“I choose to have thoughts that only align me with love and understanding towards myself and others”

Take three deep breaths and say this every morning and you will see a difference in the type of thoughts you hold.

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Tara Taylor is an internationally known intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and HayHouse author. She has been featured internationally in newspapers, radio and television, and has helped many people through her workshops, seminars, and public speaking on understanding the ego and intuition.

Tara is one of the contributing authors to the Amazon bestseller, Manifesting Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams and co-author of HayHouse Publishing’s first YA series, Through Indigo’s Eyes and Becoming Indigo. (Both books are International Amazon Best Sellers.)

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